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October 8, 1985
The restaurant chain vowed to continue its $16-a-share cash offer despite Ponderosa Inc.'s rejection of the offer as inadequate. The company said Ponderosa, which operates a chain of steak houses, would benefit by a change from company-operated outlets to franchise-operated outlets, the approach used by USACafes. USACafes said a Ponderosa lawsuit filed this week alleging violations of securities and antitrust laws is without merit.
September 3, 1985 | From United Press International
The nation's network of service stations is continuing its shift to self-service pumps and convenience stores in a marketing evolution that has begun to attract major-brand stations, a survey reported Monday. "The most dramatic change is the rate at which major-brand outlets are being converted to self-service convenience stores," industry analyst Dan Lundberg said of his nationwide survey of stations in August.
July 26, 2000
The Auto Center in Oxnard has several outlets that disrespect the American flag by using it as an advertising medium and by placing it on used cars by attaching it anyplace convenient rather than as specified in the code. Any person who buys a vehicle from any outlet that disrespects the American flag is also disrespecting it. All persons should make a statement against this abuse by not buying from outlets that continue to disrespect our flag. WILLIAM N. WARREN Oxnard
February 5, 1989
My wife and I have been frustrated for years at our inability to contact TV stations and networks to relay our comments. On Jan. 15, Television Times published a list of addresses for those outlets. I hope you will make this a regular part of your guide. Bob Dosien, Santa Paula
January 3, 2009
There is a fundamental flaw in Matea Gold's Dec. 31 article, "For Cable News, a Dramatic Turn." That flaw is calling Fox News and MSNBC cable news channels. They are both opinion and entertainment, and they both do it quite well, but they are not news outlets. Jeff Gold Granada Hills
December 13, 1987
STOR, a newly formed retailer of home furnishings and accessories, has opened its first retail warehouse at 17621 E. Gale Ave., City of Industry. The $10-million, 150,000-square-foot structure will be used as a retail outlet and also as the company's headquarters. STOR plans to eventually open as many as 30 outlets, most of them in California.
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