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May 6, 1989 | From Associated Press
House Speaker Jim Wright (D-Tex.) argued Friday that his decades of public service outweigh any personal ethical shortcomings and suggested that political attacks against him are far more unethical than any failure of his own. "Because I hold passionately to certain political beliefs, I have made formidable political opponents in 40 years of active public life," Wright said in a Law Day speech on ethics to a hometown crowd in Ft. Worth. "But I have never sought to destroy another man's character, nor to deprive him of his dignity.
June 3, 1995
The question posed by your headline "Fallout From MCA Expansion Plan--Benefit or Blight?" (Valley Commentary, April 30) is answered simply--both benefit and blight are received, but in differing degrees. The banner of "new jobs" is becoming a catchword to stir our patriotism and brand those in opposition as anti-family or left-wing extremists . . . you know, the feared "radical environmentalists." If you are against jobs, you must want to outlaw apple pie and moms. Fact is though, the harm done by further expansion will far outweigh the benefit of the jobs MCA alleges it will create.
May 9, 1999 | Vicki Iovine, Every Sunday, author and columnist Vicki Iovine will use her patented "Girlfriends' Guide" approach to chat about family, parenting and relationships
Here it is, girlfriends, the big day celebrating that profound, relentless and exquisitely vulnerable condition known as motherhood. To all of you who have known the maternal instinct, intellectual challenge and occasional glimpse of sheer magic that define mommydom, I wish you a happy Mother's Day. I don't care how your children found their way to you; you might have birthed them, adopted them, inherited them or received them by Federal Express.
May 14, 2006 | Ronald Brownstein
Maybe the most valuable earmark reform Congress could consider would be to offer more pork-barrel projects to legislators who vote against unaffordable tax cuts. OK, that's slightly facetious. Excessive earmarks are a real problem. But they don't pose nearly as great a threat to the federal government's finances as the massive tax cuts President Bush and Congress continue to enact.
October 19, 1989 | JAN HOFMANN, Jan Hofmann is a regular contributor to Orange County Life.
"I hate traffic," says Michael Filicicchia of Santa Ana. "I hate Lookie Lous and Luanns stopping or slowing down to rubberneck at Officer Chip writing up Fred Ferrari--(you know how) traffic comes to a complete stop for anybody stopped on the side of the road." Who doesn't hate traffic jams? But we all have to suffer through them, don't we? Not Filicicchia. "When traffic stops, at least some of us can still move," he says.
January 9, 1994
Re "Trimming Trees--but Not the Determination" (editorial, Dec. 25): I want to thank you for your sensitivity in writing about my gesture of hope and renewal when I put up the Christmas tree in my burned-out home. There is not a day that passes that I don't reach for a possession lost forever. There is not a day that goes by without my being thankful for all I have. That in this great loss I have gained so much: a greater sense of community, the closeness and love of friends and the overwhelming generosity of strangers.
September 24, 1985 | SAM JAMESON, Times Staff Writer
The Rev. Hwang Jun Kun, speaking at a prayer meeting in the North Korean capital of Pyongyang before a South Korean delegation returned here Monday, told 50 South Korean worshipers: "The sorrow of separation is much greater than the joy of meeting." The same feelings were evident in Seoul.
December 9, 1992 | DANA PARSONS
Leave it to rascally Jack Kelly to create one last hornet's nest before heading off to that Council Chamber in the Sky. Kelly, who once used a woman reporter's upturned palm as an ashtray, was in the midst of a four-year term on the Huntington Beach City Council when, just a day after the municipal elections last month, he suffered a stroke. He died three days later. At first blush, it seemed like there might be a logical successor to Kelly's seat.
August 5, 2006 | Joe Mozingo, Times Staff Writer
Attorneys for two reporters, who face jail if they refuse to reveal who gave them secret testimony on the use of steroids by star athletes, argued Friday that hamstringing the press' ability to gather news would harm the public interest more than the leak did.
June 12, 1997 | RANDY HARVEY
I am not Tiger Woods. I can't even imagine what it's like to be him. Maybe the only people in the world who can are the president, the pope and Dennis Rodman. Like them, every move Woods makes is dissected. I've been critical because he didn't accept Bill Clinton's invitation to join him in honoring Jackie Robinson at Shea Stadium and because Woods practices at a Houston course that excludes women. If what I've heard since is true, I will give him a break on the first.
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