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Overtime Pay

August 6, 2007 | From the Associated Press
The union for pilots at Northwest Airlines Corp. approved an agreement aimed at stopping the end-of-the-month cancellations that have riled the airline's passengers. The agreement, OKd Saturday, will pay pilots time-and-a-half for flying more than 80 hours in a month. Their old cap of 80 hours per month was raised to 90 hours under concessions the airline won in Bankruptcy Court.
June 30, 2007 | From Times Wire Services
Oracle Corp.'s $9-million settlement to resolve claims that it improperly denied overtime pay to workers was rejected by a federal judge who said it was unfair to employees and a "bonanza" for Oracle and the workers' lawyers. U.S. District Judge William Alsup in San Francisco said the proposed accord, which includes $2.25 million in attorney fees, didn't provide adequate notification to hundreds of Oracle's U.S.
June 12, 2007 | David G. Savage, Times Staff Writer
The nation's home healthcare aides are not entitled to minimum wages or overtime pay under federal law, even if they work for private employers, the Supreme Court ruled Monday. The 9-0 decision, which keeps in place a long-standing rule that denies minimum wages and overtime pay to those who provide "companionship services" at home, could trigger a move in Congress to amend the law.
May 13, 2007 | From Newsday
For the last four years, my employer has given me an annual 3 1/2 % raise. But the company breaks the raise up in a peculiar way: 1 1/2 % in my biweekly paycheck and the remaining 2% in a separate check. I want my entire raise in my paycheck so I can budget my expenses better. But I think the company has found a clever way to hold down overtime costs, since my hourly wage includes the smaller amount. Is this legal? Whether the slicing and dicing is legal depends on your status.
April 17, 2007 | Molly Selvin, Times Staff Writer
The California Supreme Court handed workers a major victory Monday, in effect tripling the back pay they can seek if they are forced to work through meal and rest breaks required by state law.
March 31, 2007 | Patrick McGreevy, Times Staff Writer
Having a police force that is too small has its rewards, at least for the bank accounts of officers patrolling Los Angeles' streets. Just ask the Los Angeles Police Department sergeant who made $240,000 last year -- $131,000 of that from working overtime. Or another sergeant, who added $105,800 in overtime pay to his $101,900 annual salary.
February 24, 2007 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
Four City Council members on Friday demanded an accounting by the Department of Water and Power in the wake of an internal audit of overtime paid by the municipal utility. The audit found the DWP had paid nearly $97 million in overtime during an 11-month period. "Such a large expenditure of public funds must be reviewed with the highest level of scrutiny," said the council motion, introduced by Wendy Greuel and supported by Jose Huizar, Jan Perry and Bernard C. Parks.
February 23, 2007 | Stuart Pfeifer, Times Staff Writer
Sheriff Lee Baca has decided to stop using overtime to increase staffing in the Los Angeles County jail system, a move that a deputies union warns could put guards, inmates and civilians at risk. Baca said he used overtime over the last year to add the equivalent of about 300 deputies and nonsworn custody assistants to his jail staff -- a response to inmate violence and a federal judge's concerns about conditions in the overcrowded Men's Central Jail.
February 22, 2007 | Ashley Surdin, Times Staff Writer
The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power ran up a $97-million overtime bill over an 11-month period, with some money going to employees who did not show up for work, an internal audit has found. The study, ordered by the board that oversees the nation's largest municipal utility, also found that some employees reported both overtime and absences on the same days. The 2 million hours of overtime were incurred between March 2005 and February 2006.
February 11, 2007 | From the Associated Press
After No. 17 Oklahoma State rallied to force a second overtime Saturday against Texas Tech at Stillwater, Okla., Coach Sean Sutton had a message for his Cowboys. "I reminded them that we've done this before two other times," Sutton said. As they did in those two previous multiple-overtime games, the Cowboys emerged winners, beating the Red Raiders, 93-91, thanks in large part to Mario Boggan's 35 points and 14 rebounds.
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