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Oxnard City Council

August 1, 1995 | PAUL ELIAS
A grand opening celebration has been scheduled Saturday at the La Colonia Youth Boxing Gym, officials said. Three boxers, including Fernando Vargas, the U.S. amateur lightweight champion, will be on hand to reopen the neighborhood sanctum that had fallen into disrepair during the early 1990s. Last year, the Oxnard City Council agreed to spend $250,000 to enlarge and renovate the abandoned firehouse at 520 E. 1st St.
March 24, 1988
It appears that an elected person has no place in David Mora's dynasty. Even though the retreat was tabled, he is going on with it anyway and is still excluding Mabi Plisky (city clerk). Now, Mr. Mora says it is because she is a spouse of a councilman. This is just more of Mora's narrow-minded thinking. It is time for the Oxnard City Council to do its job and fire David Mora. His narrow-minded ways have no place in Oxnard city government. He must be replaced at once! DENNIS SMEDLEY Oxnard
November 10, 1993 | FRED ALVAREZ
Oxnard City Council members Tuesday refused to support a request by Councilman Michael Plisky to demand the immediate closure of the Bailard Landfill. Plisky asked his colleagues to reaffirm the city's opposition to the continued operation of the landfill. Bailard's permit to operate expires Dec. 7. The Ventura Regional Sanitation District, which runs the landfill, is seeking to keep it open until May, 1997. But Plisky's motion died for lack of a second.
July 14, 1993 | MATTHEW MOSK
The Oxnard City Council voted Tuesday to ask other cities to join in building a recycling and waste-transfer station in Oxnard, despite a consultant's warnings about doing business with the firm proposing to operate the recycling center. "Please join with us to build a regional (materials recovery facility) to serve the western waste shed," wrote Oxnard Councilmen Michael Plisky and Andres Herrera in a letter to government leaders.
March 7, 1995 | MIGUEL BUSTILLO
The Oxnard City Council will hold a public hearing Thursday to discuss whether the city's General Plan should be amended so a developer can convert the former St. John's Hospital into a high-density, low-cost apartment complex. Mercy Charities Housing California, a nonprofit developer sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy and the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace, is hoping to develop two separate sites in Oxnard.
The Oxnard City Council will attend a shopping mall convention in Las Vegas next week to seek out retailers for the future Oxnard Town Center--a large, mostly undeveloped tract at the Ventura Freeway and Santa Clara River. All five council members will join City Manager Vernon G. Hazen, city Economic Development Director Linda Guillis and City Atty. Gary Gillig on Wednesday and Thursday at the International Council of Shopping Centers Spring 1991 conference in Las Vegas.
October 14, 1992 | FRED ALVAREZ
Nine juveniles have been arrested in connection with a graffiti spree last week along Oxnard Boulevard, in which taggers left a spray-painted trail on 46 residences and businesses, police told the Oxnard City Council Tuesday evening. Police arrested a 17-year-old and seven 16-year-olds from Oxnard and a Port Hueneme youth, 14. One youth was booked into Juvenile Hall, while the others were cited on felony vandalism and conspiracy charges and released to their parents.
June 24, 1995 | MIGUEL BUSTILLO
The Oxnard City Council has agreed to allow city officials to negotiate with Jones Intercable to possibly extend the company's cable contract. Council members also agreed Tuesday to appoint an advisory group and hire a consultant to identify the television needs of Oxnard residents and assist in the negotiations.
March 24, 1995 | MIGUEL BUSTILLO
The Oxnard City Council will hold a retreat today and Saturday at the city's Radisson Suite Hotel to establish priorities and set goals for 1995 and 1996. The retreat, which was not publicly announced until Thursday, will begin today at 3 p.m. and start again Saturday at 8 a.m. The meeting is open to the public. Among the topics to be discussed are clarifying the City Council agenda, celebrating Oxnard's recent achievements and setting new objectives for city leaders.
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