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Ozzie Guillen

October 4, 2005 | Bill Shaikin, Times Staff Writer
For a moment, anyway, life was a bowl of alphabet soup for Ozzie Guillen. He was enraged about the criticism he heard on one of those ESPN shout-a-thons. Which one? The one with the letters. Which letters? "PIT, TPI, whatever," Guillen said. This was Friday, the day after the Chicago White Sox had clinched the American League Central championship.
June 15, 1985 | STEVE DOLAN, Times Staff Writer
Ruppert Jones did a double take when he looked inside the batting cage Thursday night at Anaheim Stadium. The batter was none other than Tim Lollar of the Chicago White Sox, his former Padre teammate. Jones, now a member of the Angels, is not accustomed to seeing American League pitchers bat. "Lollar," Jones said, "get out of there. You know pitchers don't hit in this league." Lollar, an All-America designated hitter in college, does miss his at-bats in the American League.
April 10, 2012 | By Chuck Schilken
While Ozzie Guillen was inside the interview room of Marlins Park on Tuesday apologizing for his comments about Fidel Castro, protesters waved Cuban flags and held signs calling for the resignation of the Miami Marlins manager outside the stadium. Things seem to have quieted down now, but the protests reportedly became pretty intense during Guillen's press conference and afterward. "It's getting ugly. Protesters pushing against stadium front door demanding # gujllen leave # marlins ," the Miami Herald reported via its Twitter feed . Guillen's explanation that he didn't mean it when he told Time magazine that he loved the Cuban dictator -- "I was thinking in Spanish and I said it wrong in English," he said during the press conference -- only seemed to anger many of the protesters, according to tweets from the Herald.
April 9, 2012
Ozzie Guillen has caused some controversy less than a week into his first season as manager of the Miami Marlins. That didn't take long, did it? The ever-outspoken Guillen, a former World Series-winning manager of the Chicago White Sox, has apologized for comments he made regarding Cuban dictator Fidel Castro in Time magazine. Guillen, from Venezuela, told the magazine that he loves Castro and respects him for staying in power so long. He held a closed-door meeting with the Marlins' beat writers Saturday to apologize for the statements.
September 26, 2012 | By Houston Mitchell
 When Heath Bell signed a three-year, $27-million deal with the Miami Marlins in the off-season, he probably wasn't expecting this. His own manager, Ozzie Guillen, says he has no respect for the struggling relief pitcher. Of course, Bell did bring it upon himself. During a radio interview Monday with Miami station WQAM, Bell said the Marlins need a manager "that everybody respects and looks up to. " On Tuesday, Bell said that he did not intend to disrespect Guillen. "I'm not retracting anything, but I never meant to criticize Ozzie," Bell said.
July 1, 1986 | MIKE DiGIOVANNA, Times Staff Writer
The mere mention of the name "Ozzie" stirs images of a shortstop diving to his right to snag a line drive or ranging far to his left to field a grounder and throw a runner out. Guys named Ozzie are defensive wizards. They make the spectacular plays seem ordinary. They save as many runs with their gloves as they knock in with their bats. But with the name comes the responsibility. If your name is Ozzie, you'd better be good.
November 1, 2012 | Staff and wire reports
The Miami Marlins' celebrity manager was a bust, so they're calling one up from the minors. Mike Redmond, who spent the last two years managing Class A teams in the Toronto Blue Jays' system, was hired Thursday by the Marlins to replace Ozzie Guillen. A former major league catcher, Redmond had not interviewed for a big league job until he met with the Marlins last week. He received a three-year contract and will be introduced as the Marlins' fifth manager since mid-2010 on Friday.
April 11, 2012
Ozzie Guillen, former manager of the Chicago White Sox, has said a lot of offensive things over the years, such as the time he used a gay slur in reference to a newspaper columnist, or when he accused Americans of being "lazy" while claiming the country couldn't survive without immigrant labor. (Guillen was born in Venezuela.) But that was in Chicago, where tolerance for such utterances rose after he managed the Sox to a World Series win in 2005. Things are different now that Guillen is managing the Marlins of Miami, however, and a recent unforced verbal error is jeopardizing his job. "I love Fidel Castro," Guillen told Time magazine.
November 23, 1986 | RANDY MINKOFF, United Press International
Something about Chicago brings out the worst in our language. What else could explain the constant mispronunciations, misspellings and general abuse of the people, places and things associated with Chicago athletics? --Soldier Field. How many times have network commentators called it Soldiers Field? How many Chicagoans add the "s"? The plaque in front of the home of the Chicago Bears has no extra "s." --Ray Meyer. Again the "s" syndrome.
April 29, 2010 | By Kevin Baxter
Anger over Arizona's new immigration law spread to baseball Thursday with a congressman's call to pull next year's All-Star game out of the state and a protest outside Wrigley Field in Chicago, where the Arizona Diamondbacks were playing the Cubs. Rep. Jose Serrano (D-N.Y.) said baseball "should not pass up the opportunity" to oppose legislation critics believe will lead to racial profiling and other civil-rights violations. "Baseball and the Latin community, it's a close relationship," Serrano said in a telephone interview.
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