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Pacific Ocean

March 1, 1998
It was with great interest that I read the article on Dale Ghere and the shrubs that are growing along Coast Highway in the area of Crystal Cove State Park (Feb. 15). I can't help but wonder if maybe the state parks [officials] don't want us to see the beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean as we drive up or down the coast in that area. After all, if we cannot see how beautiful the area is, we won't know what the state is giving away for development in Crystal Cove. MARILYN VASSOS Irvine
April 18, 1989
Fiber-Optic Pacific Service to Begin: The first fiber-optic communications cable across the Pacific Ocean will go into service today, creating a fully digital telecommunications network linking Japan, North America and Europe. American Telephone & Telegraph Co. said the $700-million cable will handle up to 40,000 calls simultaneously, more than six times the capacity of the copper cable and satellite circuits now crossing the Pacific. The cable links the California coast to Hawaii then splits, with separate branches running to Japan and Guam.
April 14, 1990
Rationing the user is not the answer. Conservation at the beginning of the cycle is. Eighty percent of all the rain that falls on Los Angeles County runs off and immediately ends up in the Pacific Ocean. We must stop this wasteful run-off and collect this precious commodity. I believe that a cost analysis of the necessary infrastructure changes and construction to collect our rainwater would prove this to be the most cost-effective method of increasing the water supply. ANDRUSS NORTHRUP La Habra
November 6, 2006 | From Times Wire Reports
Old toothbrushes, beach toys and used condoms are part of a vast vortex of trash in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, threatening sea creatures that get tangled in it, eat it or ride on it, a report by the environmental group Greenpeace says. Ocean currents and tides have carried plastic items thousands of miles to an area between Hawaii and the U.S. West Coast, the study found. This swirling vortex can grow to be about the size of Texas.
March 17, 2003 | From Times Wire Reports
The creator of the reality television series "Cops" fell 300 feet from a cliff into the Pacific Ocean and was feared dead, police and the Coast Guard said. Paul Stojanovich, 47, and his fiancee were hiking at Treasures Cove when he slipped while posing for a picture. Stojanovich grabbed a tree limb to break his fall but plummeted into the surf below, according to the Tillamook County Sheriff's Office. Officers searched for three hours but didn't find any sign of Stojanovich.
April 11, 1989 | From Times wire services
A strong earthquake shook the sparsely populated Kuril Islands of the Soviet Far East today and was felt on the Kamchatka Peninsula, Soviet officials said. There were no reports of injury or damage. The earthquake had a magnitude of 6.5 and was centered in the Pacific Ocean about 100 miles southeast of the southern tip of the peninsula, according to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii. There was no threat of a destructive Pacific-wide tsunami, or tidal wave, the warning center said.
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