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Palestinian Sources

November 15, 1988 | United Press International
Palestinians in a handful of communities set off fireworks and began celebrations Monday in anticipation of the declaration of independence by the Palestine National Council, which came early today. Israeli soldiers moved quickly to quell the demonstrations. Soldiers shot and killed a 21-year-old Palestinian and wounded at least six others during celebrations in the Gaza Strip that began Monday evening, Palestinian sources said.
September 14, 1988 | United Press International
Masked men abducted and killed a Palestinian today and dumped his body in the marketplace of the West Bank's largest city, marking the seventh slaying in three weeks of an Arab suspected of collaborating with Israel. The kidnapers forced Adli Thalagi, 30, from his home early today, Palestinian sources said. They beat and stabbed him to death before dumping his body in a shopping district known as the Onion Market in Nablus, 30 miles north of Jerusalem, the sources said.
March 31, 1988 | DAN FISHER, Times Staff Writer
In one of the most violent days since the Palestinian uprising began, protesters throughout the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip on Wednesday defied an unprecedented closure order and clashed with Israeli troops, resulting in the deaths of four Palestinians and the wounding of 50 others. Army troops and protesters fought at more than 20 locations, a military spokesman said. Hospital sources said five of the wounded were in critical condition. The West Bank military commander, Maj. Gen.
March 27, 1988 | DAN FISHER, Times Staff Writer
Three more Palestinians died from army gunfire Saturday, and a prominent former Arab "collaborator" publicly repented in this village near Bethlehem as the nearly 16-week-old uprising in the occupied territories intensified despite massive arrests of the alleged inciters. In another potentially significant development, Palestinian sources reported that Hanza Turkmani, the Israeli-appointed mayor of Gaza City, had resigned.
March 17, 1988 | DAN FISHER, Times Staff Writer
Three more Palestinians were shot to death and at least 10 were wounded Wednesday in the West Bank and Gaza Strip as anti-Israeli violence in the occupied territories entered its 15th week. The most serious clashes were in Gaza and the northern part of the West Bank, around Janin and Tulkarm, although an Israeli bus was stoned near Bethlehem and troops clashed with refugees at the Jalazoun camp, just north of Ramallah.
February 25, 1988 | KENNETH FREED, Times Staff Writer
The nature of the Palestinian rebellion against the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip appeared Wednesday to be changing, with the lynching of a suspected collaborator with the Israelis and an attack with automatic weapons on Israeli forces.
December 23, 1987 | Times Wire Services
Israel today rejected U.S. criticism of its handling of riots in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip in which 21 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli troops since Dec. 9. "There is no foundation or justification for blaming Israel about the recent serious and unfortunate events" in the occupied territories, a government statement said. It said Israel was doing its utmost to maintain order in the area "while displaying the highest degree of self-restraint."
October 25, 1987 | From Reuters
A West Bank resident was seriously wounded after being shot by a guard at the Israeli military government building in Nablus on Saturday, military sources said. The Israeli sources said the man was shot after he attacked the guard and tried to steal his weapon. Palestinian sources, however, denied that the man had attacked the guard and said he was shot because he did not heed an order to stop at the security entrance to the building.
May 10, 1987 | From Reuters
Israeli troops shot and wounded a Palestinian man in the occupied West Bank on Saturday after he refused to take down a Palestine Liberation Organization flag and then tried to run away, an army spokesman said. He said the Palestinian, from the Balata refugee camp, was taken to a hospital in the nearby city of Nablus with a leg wound. Palestinian sources identified him as Mohammed Khaled Shubash, 23, a Balata shopowner.
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