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March 2, 2003
As one who finds Linda Gradstein's reporting on National Public Radio to be extremely biased against Israel, I was surprised that your article on her reporting ("Caught in the Middle," Feb. 23) pictured her as evenhanded. From my perspective, her reports usually feature Palestinian victims of the intifada speaking for themselves in anguished tones, while Israeli victims are much less likely to be given air time. If one wants to hear a variety of Palestinian leaders spew forth anti-Israeli invective, Gradstein's reports are the only nationwide broadcast in which they are heard so regularly.
June 28, 2003
In "Traveling With Bad Companions" (Commentary, June 23), Martin Peretz complains of the lies of 1960s activists, but he nurses several of his own. Chief among them is his attack on the International Solidarity Movement. The ISM absolutely did not aid the British suicide bombers. This is a fabrication of Zalman Shoval, a senior advisor to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who dubbed ISM a "terrorist-front organization." Peretz savages the most courageous Americans we have when he labels their actions in the occupied Palestinian territories as "stupidity" rather than bravery.
March 14, 2006
Re "Drawn into a blueprint of bias," Opinion, March 10 UCLA's relentless Palestinian propagandist Saree Makdisi writes articulately that Israel's security fence wreaks havoc on Palestinian life. For sure, it's a shame that such a wall exists and that suffering continues -- on both sides of it. The Israelis gave up Gaza unilaterally last summer and were thanked in the form of continuing rocket attacks. If they were to undo the wall, what message would that give to the same barbaric folks who perfected the art of suicide bombing?
August 31, 2001
Re "West Bank in Turmoil After Assassination," Aug. 28: I abhor bombing innocents, but it's difficult to see what choices are available to Palestinians when the U.S. supplies tanks, aerial gunships, bombs, rockets, cannons, etc. for Israeli aggressions while the Palestinians have nothing but rocks, homemade devices and their bodies. Commentators routinely ignore the astounding fact that Israel is already an unjust aggressor and terrorist in building and occupying settlements on Palestinian land that defy international law and are a finger in the eye of the oppressed.
April 29, 2003
Re "Premier, Under Arafat, Faces Rocky Road to Palestinian State," April 25: According to The Times (and every other paper I've read), new Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas is a moderate because, among other things, he is against suicide bombings. Never mind that he is not against them because they are immoral and kill innocent civilians but, rather, because strategically they give Israel an excuse to strike back and they hurt the Palestinian cause. Never mind that he wrote a book in 1983 called "The Other Side: The Secret Relationship between Nazism and the Zionist Movement," in which he not only denied the extent of the Holocaust but said that those Jews who were killed in camps in Nazi-occupied Europe were killed with the blessing and help of Zionists looking to push the world into recognizing a Jewish state through sympathy.
May 15, 2008 | From the Chicago Tribune
President Bush on Wednesday began his second visit to Israel as president against a backdrop of sober questions about the potential for the Israeli-Palestinian accord he seeks this year. The White House maintains that Bush, starting with his declaration in 2002 of the need for an independent Palestinian state -- the first by an American president -- methodically pursued policies that have led to the negotiations underway. Yet questions about the administration's focus, the slow pace of the talks, the unrelenting violence surrounding them and the inability of weakened leaders to deliver serious concessions has cast doubt that anything will be resolved here before he leaves office.
February 18, 1989
The editorial reveals some important truths. When will Israeli leaders ever realize that violence is getting them nowhere? When will they ever stop looking on Palestinians as second-class citizens? Violence on both sides must stop. It can only lead to more serious brutalization. Many American Jews disagree with the policies and practices of Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir's government. They feel that Israeli troops are overreacting to the Palestinian threat. This is a complex problem; it won't admit to a simplistic answer.
September 24, 1990
Why does The Times feel that the cause of the Palestinians deserves the respectful attention of the world when they embrace a leadership that sides with Iraq against the world, call for Saddam Hussein to attack Israel with chemical weapons and then have the gall to demand that Israel provide them with protective gas masks? Arafat is nothing if not a survivor. Yes, there would be a price to pay for siding with Hussein, but the price for siding against him, inflamed Palestinian resentment and political suicide, would be even greater.
August 5, 1985
The Times is to be commended for its bold editorial on "Israel's Selective Justice." The ridiculously mild sentences given to the Jewish terrorists clearly demonstrates that if the Palestinian people are ever to enjoy complete justice, it will be in a state of their own. By exposing "democratic" Israel's unequal application of the law, The Times has done a great service to this country. There are many fair-minded Americans who realize that only a settlement of the Palestinian issue and even-handed diplomacy on the part of the U.S. government can bring peace to the Middle East.
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