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July 22, 2012
The McSweeney's Book of Politics & Musicals Edited by Christopher Monks Vintage: 347 pp., $14.95 paper Forget the theatrical success of "The Book of Mormon. " What about "Palin! The Musical"? You can't help tapping your toes and singing along during the scene in which the former Alaska governor confronts Levi Johnston about her daughter's maternal condition: I hunt with a shotgun, Not a musket or pistol. I'm holding one now, Will you marry my Bristol?
October 27, 2008
Re "A political fashion do or don't?" Oct. 23 Because Sarah Palin has made being "pro-America" one of the cornerstones of her campaign speeches, why is she wearing expensive clothing made by Italian designers Valentino and Gianfranco Ferre? At a time when many Americans have lost their jobs, it would have been more appropriate and pro-American for the vice presidential nominee to wear clothes manufactured in the U.S. Palin should practice what she preaches. Phyllis Landis Ocean Hills -- John McCain has an economic stimulus plan: Send Palin shopping.
September 16, 2008
Re "Veering from the truth? It works," Sept. 14 It is good to see The Times acknowledging the untruths put forth by the McCain campaign. However, in seeking journalistic balance, John McCain's falsehoods are juxtaposed unfairly with Barack Obama's statements. Your article clearly pointed out six provable McCain lies -- that Obama supports sex education for kindergartners; that Obama said Palin is a pig; that Palin sold the state plane on EBay; that Palin turned down the money for the "bridge to nowhere"; that Palin didn't ask for earmarks as governor; and that Obama would raise everyone's taxes.
September 20, 2008
Re "Thoreau's moose," Opinion, Sept. 14 Thank you, Paul Theroux, for reminding us of yet another salient difference between Republicans and Democrats -- the love of hunting as sport. I wonder, has Palin read my favorite of all Dr. Seuss books, "Thidwick, the Big-Hearted Moose," to her children, or is this one that she would-if-she-could have removed from the Wasilla library shelves? To think that the ability to "field-dress" a moose is evidence of ability to lead and worthy of cheers is mind-boggling.
September 3, 2008 | STEVE LOPEZ
I got a haircut in Iraq once, just after the first Gulf War, and wondered if it was smart to offer up my head to a stranger with a razor. I briefly had the same feeling Tuesday at a barbershop in Orange County, but I made it out alive to tell this story. Fair guy that I am, I asked for a little help on Sunday in my column. I'd written about the rabid support for Barack Obama at Tolliver's Barber Shop in South Los Angeles, and I wanted a recommendation for a barbershop where I'd hear different views.
May 14, 2011 | By Gale Holland, Los Angeles Times
A political campaign focused on a troubled community college construction program has suddenly veered into a noisy side battle with cries of censorship, stealth candidates and "tea party" takeover. Scott Svonkin, a senior advisor to L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca, and Lydia Gutierrez, a Long Beach schoolteacher, face off Tuesday for a seat on the Los Angeles Community College District board. The two candidates, neither of whom won a majority in the March primary, agree on reexamining the campus building effort.
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