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September 17, 2012 | By Matt Pearce
Officials evacuated Louisiana State University on Monday after yet another bomb threat forced students to leave a campus. A caller phoned in a vague threat to 911 that was received by the East Baton Rouge Parish emergency center at 10:32 a.m., university spokesperson Kristine Calongne told the Los Angeles Times. University officials blasted out an evacuation notice on social media platforms a little over an hour later, at 11:37 a.m. By Monday evening, law enforcement officials were allowing students to return to dorms and some other facilities while continuing to inspect  the rest of the campus.
September 17, 2012 | By Rene Lynch
A new study has found a link between teenage sexual activity and "sexting" -- using cellphone devices to send sexually suggestive or explicit messages and photos. In short, teens who "sext" are seven times more likely to have sex.  The study polled more than 1,800 Los Angeles high school-age students. Of those polled, 15% acknowledged sexting, and 54% reported knowing someone who had sent a sext. Why is that second figure relevant? Because the study found that "knowing someone who sexted was strongly associated with an individual's own sexting behavior.
December 31, 1986 | SCOTT HARRIS, Times Staff Writer
The migration to Pasadena has already begun. The hardy souls are staking out positions along Colorado Boulevard in anticipation of Thursday's edition of the traditional New Year's parade. But there is one way to tell the connoisseurs from the dilettantes, said Fred W. Soldwedel, president of the 98th Tournament of Roses. They are the ones on the south side of Colorado. Soldwedel, who has personally sampled the last 27 parades, explained: "First of all, you want to get a good vantage point.
June 30, 2011
A roundup of entertainment headlines for Thursday. After 35 days of house arrest, Lindsay Lohan ditches the ankle bracelet and is free. Let the probation begin. ( Los Angeles Times ) Someone won "The Voice" finale. If you read this, you'll know who. ( Los Angeles Times ) The third "Transformers" flick opens strong at the box office, though not as strong as the second film did. ( Los Angeles Times ) Justin Timberlake gets a piece of recently sold Myspace.
September 30, 1990 | Paul Jordan-Smith, Jordan-Smith, a senior editor at Parabola Magazine, has interviewed the Dalai Lama for his publication.
The titles of these two books--"Freedom in Exile," a simple and powerful autobiography by the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet, and "My Tibet," a sumptuous and touching glimpse of his country and people--are themselves simple, powerful and quite disarming. They are also quite paradoxical. Exile, after all, seems a sort of inverted imprisonment in which one is held captive by exclusion. So long as one is exiled, how can one be free? Similarly, since the Dalai Lama has been excluded from his rightful rule by an army of occupation, can he really call the land his own?
June 27, 1985 | Associated Press
The smaller of the panda twins born here this week died early today. Zoo employees had taken turns holding the panda, which was ignored by its mother, Ying-Ying, when it was born Tuesday afternoon.
September 4, 1988 | United Press International
"Panda fever" hit town Friday as a giant panda arrived for a three-month stay at the Cincinnati Zoo. "The giant panda is a superstar," zoo director Ed Maruska said. "It's the most important animal we've ever had here." Zoo attendance, usually about 200,000 in September, October and November, is expected to reach about 500,000 over the next three months because of the panda. The panda, on loan from the London Zoo, will stay through Nov. 30.
May 14, 1986 | United Press International
Japan's giant panda, Huan Huan, is pregnant for a second time and will give birth around the beginning of June, the Ueno Zoo said today. The 13-year-old panda was artificially inseminated Jan. 31 after she failed to mate with the zoo's other giant panda, Fei Fei. Huan Huan gave birth to Japan's first panda last June after a previous artificial insemination, but the cub died 43 hours later when she was crushed by her mother, who weighs 220 pounds.
September 16, 2007
My wife and I enjoyed the article on pandas in American zoos ["It's Panda-Mania," Aug. 26]. In April, we visited the Ueno Zoo in Tokyo. We were shocked at the poor quality of the habitat. I'm happy that you were able to report about the high quality of American panda habitats. Larry and Stephanie Cuneo Los Angeles
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