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December 4, 2000
About the "mad cow" disease panic that's spreading throughout Europe (Nov. 26): Cows aren't meant to eat animal parts; they're vegetarians! Who wants to dine on beef that has been fed animal parts? If all it takes to prevent this horrible disease from spreading is to stop feeding animals food they were never meant to consume in the first place, then why is anyone hesitating? Let the cows eat grass and hay and corn, and we can all rest easy where Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease is concerned.
September 16, 2000
Now that another NHL season has officially begun, it's time for me to issue my standard advice for those puck-starved fans who want to quickly find their hockey info in The Times. Read the Sports section backward. You will probably come across a small paragraph buried in a corner. If you have read from the back page forward to page 8 without finding anything, do not panic. You did not miss the tiny article; more than likely the editor simply decided to eliminate the hockey coverage yet again.
November 3, 2001
Some day, somehow, the management of the Kings will realize, as do the majority of King fans, that its continual mismanagement limits the success of the team and that the next level remains beyond accomplishment. After last season, they chose to wave goodbye to Luc Robitaille. Now they have chosen to say goodbye to Jozef Stumpel and Glen Murray. For months we have been told that the ceiling of $40 million was imposed by the owner, and now in a state of panic after nine games, management somehow seems to find $20 million.
December 28, 1991
The Rams need to change more than their coach. I say get rid of Jim Everett. Interceptions, fumbled snaps and a lack of leadership will not win games. With at least one of the top three draft picks, they should be able to get a quality quarterback such as Ty Detmer or Casey Weldon. Until the Rams get someone to lead the team and not panic at crunch time, they won't go anywhere, no matter who's coaching. MATT RUDDELL Montclair
November 24, 2002 | From Times Wire Reports
A deer ran into a Blacksburg supermarket, scrambled in panic through the store for several minutes, then left through an open back door. Nobody was hurt and the store had only minor damage. The deer was hit by a van after it left the store, then it ran off. Kerrie Cook, a teller at a bank in the supermarket, said the deer appeared to have been injured before it entered the store. "He was just so frazzled he didn't know what to do," she said.
May 10, 2012
EVENTS For its latest mind-bending avant-garde circus act, Les 7 Doigts de la Main explores inner dream life with "PSY," a culture-colliding mix of Chinese and German stage traditions with elaborate contemporary aerial work. It's meant to evoke subconscious panic, and the ways we eventually overcome them — but if you just want to watch bodies in incredible motion, it's quite a show as well. Irvine Barclay Theater, 4242 Campus Drive, Irvine. Thu.-Sun.Times vary. $25-$45.
November 11, 1989
Thank you, Martin Bernheimer and Charles Champlin, for the beautiful articles about Vladimir Horowitz on Nov. 7. After I graduated from high school in New York in 1945, my parents and I spent the summer at a resort called Mt. Washington. Among the guests were Horowitz and Wanda Toscanini, his wife. Volodya, as we called him, was a cut-up. We teased him because of his many fears. His eyes would pop in partly mock panic at the thought of a possible encounter with a bobcat on the trails.
April 27, 2002
Once again the Angels begin their season full of optimism and with a renewal of purpose. But their play reflects the usual downside milestones: Tim Salmon's slow start, opponents scoring first, atrocious hitting, a DH missing in action--need I continue? Manager Mike Scioscia portrays his calm demeanor and advises of the long season ahead. Advice to Scioscia: "Start to panic--Now!!" John Hernandez Claremont After reading Wednesday's article, it seems that soon the Angels will be calling for Manager Mike Scioscia's head on a plate and, unfortunately for the fans and future of the team, Disney is dumb enough to do this.
August 26, 1987
I am outraged by the article "AIDS--A Threat to All--How Serious?" Gee, how serious can a mere 40,051 reported AIDS cases be? Over 40,000 lives destroyed by this dreadful disease. "We don't need to panic about heterosexual transmission . . ." is such a naive statement. AIDS does not discriminate--male, female, adult or child--and the numbers of newly reported cases grow constantly. Any attempt to put the minds of the public at ease should be abandoned. Awareness is our only means of combatting this epidemic!
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