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October 26, 2000
Re "MTA to Add N. Hollywood Subway Station Parking," Oct. 21: Build it and they will come--and they have. The MTA should be thrilled. Subway usage is so great that more parking is needed. Instead, the MTA reluctantly approves more parking. Good transportation planners should anticipate this demand, and significant new parking should become the future reality. The MTA excuse that less parking will encourage greater use of public transport (buses) to get to the subway station is wishful thinking.
August 10, 2002
As an active-duty military member who arrived in L.A. recently, I was just given a shocking indoctrination into your city's parking policy. My infraction was parking at a designated bus stop, indicated by a sign with an M in a circle. At the time I didn't realize what that meant, but now understand it to symbolize a "Metro" bus stop. I received a $265 ticket. I am willing to pay for my faux pas and learn from the experience. However, the threat of a parking fine is meant to be a deterrent, and for the average American, a $50 parking fine would be quite sufficient.
December 6, 2009 | By Bettina Boxall
Los Angeles attorney Walter Karabian, a former majority leader of the state Assembly, was arrested Saturday afternoon after he allegedly ran over a parking attendant before the USC football game at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, authorities said. Karabian, 71, was booked on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon after his 12:30 p.m. arrest. He posted $30,000 bail and was released Saturday evening, according to the L.A. County Sheriff's Department. Public safety officers in Exposition Park, who made the arrest, did not release details of the incident or the condition of the attendant.
March 5, 1998 | SYLVIA L. OLIANDE
The City Council approved an amendment Wednesday to the Specific Plan for the Reseda Central Business District that it hopes will spur leasing activity in the area's commercial corridor by giving businesses more options to meet their parking requirements. Two years ago, a city-conducted study found an abundance of parking in the Reseda business district, although it was unevenly distributed among properties. Some lots had more parking spaces than needed; others had too few.
January 19, 1986
Los Angeles must restrict parking in the downtown central business district and encourage mass transit use. A mile-long subway connecting parking lots to downtown, as is done in Fort Worth, might be one answer. Most of the former Pacific Electric subway to downtown is still there but two or three building foundations have interrupted the continuity. What a shame! ROBERT T. McVAY King City, Calif.
September 21, 1986
Multilevel parking would not serve as a deterrent to "Big A" patrons? This conclusion was offered by the stadium expert (Mr. William A. Cunningham) on behalf of the City of Anaheim in their feud with the Angels (Sept. 11). Yeah, sure. The introduction of a behemoth industrial and parking structure at Anaheim Stadium will most certainly turn the casual fan into an endangered species. Even during the off-season, many of us spend a couple of hours in parking lots almost every day. In Southern California, they're referred to as "freeways."
August 2, 1997 | JOHN CANALIS
Responding to concerns about overflow parking from a large apartment complex, the City Council on Monday will consider banning parking on Ogle Street between Irvine and Aliso avenues from midnight to 6 a.m. Residents on Ogle Street complain that tenants of the nearby Oakwood Apartments on Irvine Avenue in Newport Beach take up too much parking and also make noise when they arrive late at night.
September 5, 1987
In going over your readers' letters last week, you'd think the Raiders were moving to the moon or something. Come on, folks, a brand-new stadium only 20 minutes away with plenty of parking? Surely this is a bonus for most of the fans at least. DAVID C. BLOXHAM Fullerton
October 11, 1997 | DEBRA CANO
In an effort to eliminate parking problems caused largely by school sports activities, only residents will be allowed to park on streets near Wagner Elementary School under a measure approved this week by the City Council. The action came after residents urged the council to impose permit parking on portions of Trumpet Avenue, Anderson Street, Hawthorne Street, Tennyson Avenue, Steinbeck Street, Shaw Circle and Seville Street.
September 1, 2013 | By Laura J. Nelson
In a sunbaked parking lot near downtown Los Angeles, a young man in a red polo shirt hopped out of a Honda sedan and jogged to the nearby valet stand, eyeing a long line of customers. "It can get pretty hectic here," valet Elmer Nolasco said, grabbing a stack of parking stubs. "The factory workers, they come and go at the same time. " After complaints that workers were late for their shifts because there was not enough parking, American Apparel - the largest sewing facility in North America - has hired a valet company to wrangle thousands of cars at the company's vast Alameda Street headquarters.
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