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August 17, 1989 | Clipboard researched by Susan Davis Greene and Rick VanderKnyff / Los Angeles Times; Graphics by Doris Shields / Los Angeles Times
The number of felons released to Orange County on parole increased 20%, to 2,017 in 1987 from 1,682 in 1986. But the county's share of the state total actually fell, to 4% from 4.5%. As of July 1, 1987, Orange County had 8% of the state's total population. 1986 *1987 1986-'87 Category Number % State Number % State % Change FIRST PAROLE Male 899 4.1 975 3.8 +8 Female 82 4.4 96 4.2 +17 Total 981 4.1 1,071 3.8 +9 REPAROLE Male 642 5.0 841 4.0 +31 Female 59 6.9 105 6.6 +78 Total 701 5.2 946 4.
December 13, 1985
Parole was denied again for the two brothers who nine years ago kidnaped 26 Chowchilla school children and imprisoned them with their driver in a buried moving van. The victims made their way to safety nearly 17 hours later. The state Board of Prison Terms, after an 8 1/2-hour meeting in San Luis Obispo, said James Schoenfeld, 34, and his brother, Richard, 31, were unsuitable for release "because of the callous nature of the offense."
September 9, 1987 | United Press International
Mass murderer Richard Speck, sentenced to 1,200 years in prison for the rampage slayings of eight student nurses in 1966, was denied parole today by a unanimous vote of the Illinois Prisoner Review Board. The decision was announced in a brief written statement and came without explanation. Speck, 46, who has served 21 years in prison, previously has been denied parole five times by the 10-member board. His next hearing was set for September, 1990.
June 19, 2008
Re "Riches did not change habits," June 17 After reading the headline, I thought that Jose Luis Munoz had robbed a liquor store after receiving his $2.5-million settlement, when in fact he was given 16 months in prison for a technical parole violation: "associating with other gang members." In other words, he was returned to prison for hanging out with his old friends. Was former vice presidential aide I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby told not to associate with Republicans as a condition of his presidential pardon?
California prisoners have a constitutional right to be released on parole if they meet the requirements of state law, the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Wednesday. A three-member panel of the federal appeals court decided unanimously that Carl McQuillion, 53, who was convicted of two Long Beach murders in 1973, should be released from state prison.
June 7, 1989
The Los Angeles City Council urged state officials Tuesday to reverse their decision to parole a crazed movie fan who nearly killed actress Theresa Saldana in a knife attack seven years ago. The council voted unanimously to support the motion of its president, John Ferraro, demanding reversal of the decision to free Scottish drifter Arthur Jackson on June 15. "If recourse to the courts and the Legislature is out, then an appeal to the parole...
January 5, 2006 | Susannah Rosenblatt, Times Staff Writer
A paroled rapist of two teens, whose placement in a Mead Valley halfway house in May ignited months of protests by local residents, was returned to prison Wednesday for allegedly violating parole. Riverside County sheriff's investigators closely monitored David Allyn Dokich's movements around Mead Valley for two months and submitted information to the California Department of Corrections, authorities said.
June 2, 2005 | Associated Press
Former Charles Manson follower Susan Atkins was denied parole for the 11th time Wednesday for her role in the 1969 murders of actress Sharon Tate and six others during a crime rampage that stunned the nation. Atkins, now 57, was one of cult leader Manson's "family" of young killers who burst into a Benedict Canyon home 36 years ago and killed Tate and four others. The following night, they stabbed to death a wealthy couple in their Los Angeles home.
County prosecutors said Monday they will not file misdemeanor narcotics charges against actor Robert Downey Jr. stemming from his arrest last month in Culver City. Instead, the district attorney's office will let state corrections officials deal with Downey for violating conditions of his parole, spokeswoman Sandi Gibbons said. Downey, 36, is on parole from a 1996 drug conviction and has served about a year in prison after violating conditions of probation.
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