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Past Life

February 9, 2010 | By MARY McNAMARA, Television Critic
People in the creative fields and management training seminars like to comfort themselves with the notion that there are no bad ideas, just flawed executions. And perhaps in a world where murders are regularly solved by former fake psychics, current fake psychics, mediums and ghost whisperers, there might just be room for a procedural in which sleuthing depends on reincarnation. Unfortunately, Fox's "Past Life" isn't it. For believers in reincarnation, fans of "On a Clear Day You Can See Forever" and those of us who came of age during the bestsellerdom of "Audrey Rose" ("Mommy, Daddy, hot, hot, hot")
June 18, 2008 | Ralph Vartabedian, Times Staff Writer
A new public database may protect American consumers, keep rolling wrecks off the highways and save lives in the process. The National Insurance Crime Bureau is creating a free public database of vehicles declared a total loss, "or totaled," by insurers, allowing individuals to enter vehicle identification numbers, or VINs, to see if a set of wheels they want to buy has a hidden history.
August 9, 2008 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
Mosses once grew and insects crawled in what are now barren valleys in Antarctica, according to scientists who have recovered remains of life from that frozen continent. Fourteen million years ago, the now lifeless valleys were tundra, similar to parts of Alaska, Canada and Siberia in that they were cold but able to support life, researchers reported Tuesday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The moss was essentially freeze-dried, researchers said. Unlike fossils, in which minerals replace soft materials, the moss tissues were still there.
December 13, 1990
Forward Ian Donnelly scored 21 points to lead Christ College Irvine to an 86-61 nonconference men's basketball victory over LIFE Bible College Wednesday at Irvine. Corey Smith had 13 points and Jaime McShan 12 for Christ College Irvine (3-6). Doug Dossey and John Spinelli each had 19 points for Life Bible (7-4). In nonconference women's basketball: San Diego 80, UC Irvine 60--Christi English had 17 points and 11 rebounds to lead host San Diego (2-4).
Has a car salesman ever enticed you with an offer too good to refuse on a showroom "demo," which he assures you has been used only by the clean living manager of the sales department? Before you purchase such a vehicle, it might pay to look into its history to make sure it is not a dealership buyback from a dissatisfied customer or something equally questionable. In the past, such vehicle checks were difficult or impossible for consumers.
September 11, 2006 | Bob Sipchen
The gray vinyl-covered twin beds are similar to the ones that furnish jail cells. But the four young men who just moved into Suite 308 of this Cal State Northridge dormitory couldn't be more aware that their new accommodations mark a milestone on a divergent path. Not that Delbert McFarlane, Darnell Harrison, Keith McNeal and Jamal Howard were headed for lockup. They did, however, come from a neighborhood where that's not an unlikely trajectory.
April 10, 2007 | Ken Kaye, South Florida Sun-Sentinel
A satellite crucial to developing hurricane forecasts is past its life expectancy and could die at any time. U.S. Rep. Ron Klein (D-Fla.) said Monday that he planned to make federal funding for its replacement a top priority. "It's totally unacceptable, with what this country's been through, that we won't have all the necessary forecasting equipment available to us," Klein said.
February 27, 1999 | ERNESTO LECHNER
When the nine members of Cuban band Sierra Maestra walked on stage Thursday at the Conga Room, you could not help but wonder if they had the necessary musical equipment to heat things up. There were no timbales or trap drums. No ominous brass section to speak of. Not even a piano. The group's secret, however, is based in soulful tradition, not instrumental exuberance.
September 29, 1990 | PSYCHE PASCUAL
A Thousand Oaks social studies teacher who conducts mock trials in her classroom--with real attorneys and judges presiding--has been named Ventura County teacher of the year, school officials said Friday. Joan Gorner of Colina Intermediate School was selected by a committee from the county superintendent's office from a field of four nominees, Assistant Supt. Chuck Weis said. "I try to make learning fun," Gorner, 52, said. "I don't ever want to be bored, and I don't want to bore my students."
September 16, 1997 | LESLEY WRIGHT
As family proprietors of the oldest business in Orange County, the owners of Buena Park Lumber & Hardware acknowledge a duty to history that goes well beyond the profit margin. Patrons of the store already are familiar with the antiques, carvings, train memorabilia and lanterns decorating the 22,000-square-foot building at 6586 Beach Blvd. Now they can soak in the vibrant colors of three huge murals depicting early life among the county's orange groves.
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