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Pasta Dishes

August 24, 1990 | MICHELLE HUNEVEN
I can't remember who first told me to try Americo's Pasta House in Canoga Park. I do know that over the past year a number of people have directed me there. "It's nothing fancy," they usually say, "just good and reasonable. You really should check it out." Nothing fancy, good and reasonable always sound fine to me, so one Sunday night I drove to the West Valley. I found Americo's in a pink stucco building with a Burgundy awning.
June 28, 1990 | LAURA MICHAELIS
On weekend evenings, there is always a small crowd gathered around the entrance to Sonny's Pizza & Pasta--the smells of warm garlic bread and baking pizza attract regulars from all over South County. Sonny's is perfect for a Sunday dinner with the kids, or a see-the-neighborhood visit with out-of-town relatives. Service is fast, helpings are large, and pretty much everything is inexpensive and tasty.
Talk of pasta in Los Angeles' restaurants is lightening up at every turn. One hears: "We suggest the angel hair pasta. It has a very light sauce . . . fresh tomatoes, cut up and sauted lightly in their own juice with a thimbleful of olive oil and some basil. Very light." What has caused this sudden emphasis on lighter pasta dishes? Growing concern about fat and cholesterol intake is causing many Americans to find low-fat and low-cholesterol alternatives to foods that they love to eat.
March 15, 1990
A fancy pasta dish is the ideal entree to serve at a meal celebrating St. Joseph's Day on Monday. Hot cooked penne is crowned with the familiar Italian flavors of prosciutto and olive oil and the unlikely taste of pistachios and blue cheese in Italian-Style Pistachio Pasta. The natural tint of green from the pistachios combines nicely with sweet red, green and yellow peppers in this dish that is also pretty enough to serve at a special holiday brunch.
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