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Pat Riley

Pat Riley lifted his arms to the sky in exaggerated seriousness and wondered aloud about the meaning of life. The question was only about basketball, about what it means to the Laker coach on the verge of winning his 500th regular-season game--he has won 497--joining only 12 other NBA coaches. But for Riley, life and basketball have become nearly inseparable. Only when Riley put his arms back on his desk and laced his fingers did he explain how, for him, the subjects intermingle.
October 14, 2010 | By Mike Bresnahan
Kobe Bryant hates the question, hasn't really answered it at all other than a few platitudes here and there. But on Thursday, he gave a little insight into his thoughts on LeBron James and Chris Bosh taking their talents to South Beach to join Dwyane Wade on the Miami Heat. He said his first reaction was, "Wow. How did Pat Riley pull that ? off? Impressive. " Then he had another thought. "I said I've got to get my knee healthy, that's what I said.
February 9, 2012 | By Helene Elliott
This was not your typical in-season coaching change, but few are as monumental. If Lakers coach Jack McKinney hadn't decided to ride his bike to a tennis date with assistant Paul Westhead on Nov. 8, 1979 the course of the team's history might have been different — and so would the course of several men's lives. McKinney had left an assistant's job in Portland to coach the Lakers in 1979 and soon installed the foundation of the Showtime era. His team was humming along at 10-4, his relationship with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar solidifying into a deep trust, when McKinney hurtled over the handlebars of his bike and struck his head on the pavement, sustaining a serious head injury.
October 4, 1986
Laker Coach Pat Riley will be inducted into the L.A. Athletic Club Hall of Fame, Oct. 29.
June 23, 1990
Hey, Jerry Buss: How about getting a No. 1 jersey for Pat Riley at the Forum? JIM KIERSNOWSKI Temecula
February 21, 2014 | By Chris Erskine
The diva guard is orchestrating coaching changes. The boss man is an inveterate womanizer, as is most of the team, except for the committed virgin they just signed, who firmly believes sex shouldn't take place till marriage. This a dynasty or a soap opera? Well, actually it's both. Welcome to Showtime, the run-and-gun Lakers of the 1980s, one of the most successful yet dysfunctional franchises in the history of sports. What a tonic Jeff Pearlman's new book is for forlorn Lakers fans suffering through the team's disastrous current season.
May 12, 1990
In his column on April 30, Allan Malamud tries to compare Pat Riley to Red Auerbach of the Boston Celtics. I strongly believe we will see how good a coach Pat Riley is in two or three years--when Magic Johnson retires. LLOYD I. CADLE, El Monte
June 3, 1989
That lean, mean, motivating machine was passed up again for coach of the year. What a disgrace. Hail to Pat Riley. STEVE BAKER Los Angeles
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