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Patriot Missile

February 16, 1991
The success of the anti-Scud Patriot missiles in the Mideast is prompting replication of sorts at home. A Colorado toy rocket manufacturer reports it is backlogged with orders for an upcoming 21-inch WORKING MODEL of the Patriot missile. Meanwhile, in Australia, officials warned that toy Patriot missiles could endanger aircraft.
February 13, 1991
I am unbelievably incensed about a sentence in Melissa Healy's article (Jan. 22): "The Patriot missile . . . promises to become one of America's premium exports after the war in the Gulf." It is good that we are prepared, but to already be thinking of how we are to make money from these terrible weapons of destruction is unconscionable. It is also stupid to plan again to arm the world. We are in the Gulf ostensibly to correct a situation of arms out of control. We must never let this start again.
May 21, 1991 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
The Army says a computer problem in the Patriot missile system enabled an Iraqi Scud to hit an American barracks in Saudi Arabia, killing 28 people, a newspaper reported. The Scud destroyed the barracks in Al Khobar near Dhahran on Feb. 25, killing more Americans than any other attack in the Persian Gulf War. Army investigators were quoted in the New York Times as saying they concluded that a computer failure had paralyzed the Patriot system.
June 20, 1991
Conrad's "Iraqi and Kuwaiti body count" cartoon (June 10) says it all. When a country needs a war in which thousands of innocent people are slaughtered in order to feel good about itself, something is terribly wrong. I also noticed that when President Bush talked about crying before deciding to declare war, he related his tears only to the loss of American lives, as though American lives are inherently more valuable than any other. I don't understand why the need for gloating, and euphoric feelings of patriotism.
June 27, 1995 | Jack Searles
An Oxnard sheet metal fabricator has been named one of the top 100 suppliers of Rockwell International Inc. The honored company, Oxnard Precision Fabrication Inc., was among those selected from Rockwell's more than 700 suppliers. In addition, Oxnard Precision was named Supplier of the Year among 12 sheet metal concerns that regularly do business with Rockwell. Dave Garza, Oxnard Precision's president, accepted the award during a suppliers' conference in Rapid Cities, Iowa.
April 2, 2003 | David Zucchino, Times Staff Writer
Spc. Nicholas Bunch was 9 years old when Patriot missile batteries fired at Iraqi Scud missiles during the 1991 Persian Gulf War. First Lt. Marsha Hackett was 11. Her only memory of that earlier conflict was sending valentines to troops from her grade-school class. Neither soldier ever heard of a Patriot missile until joining the Army. Today, Bunch and Hackett own the distinction of firing the first of a new generation of Patriots in combat.
January 22, 1991 | From Associated Press
A Patriot missile was fired by mistake today from a giant NATO air base in the south, a Turkish military spokesman reported. The base is being used by U.S. planes for raids on Iraq. The ground-to-air missile blew up harmlessly in the air, said Lt. Col. Hasan Kesebir, a spokesman for the military chief of staff's office in Ankara. He said the $1-million missile's mechanisms locked and it was accidentally fired during a routine check.
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