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Patt Morrison

April 15, 2007
Patt Morrison gets it ("Goodwill Hunting," Style, March 11). She's a true pro thrift shopper, or "picker" if you will, and I should know because I am too. We pity those who have an attitude against thrift shopping for the simple reason that they'll never know the pure joy of it. Some time ago I shared a suite of offices from which I conducted my feast-or-famine freelance writing business. Staffing the lobby were two salaried secretaries, and they just couldn't understand how I could show up in such unique and pricey get-ups.
January 7, 2009
Re "Taking L.A. for a ride," Opinion, Jan. 1 Cruising taxis won't reduce traffic or emissions. I agree with Patt Morrison that allowing cabs to easily pick up people who flag them down would benefit potential cab riders in busy areas such as downtown and Hollywood. However, I don't understand Morrison's statement that doing so "could cut down on traffic jams and carbon outlay." To the contrary, having empty cabs cruising the streets looking for fares would increase traffic and emissions.
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