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Patt Morrison

August 5, 1990
There was nothing in "L.A. vs O.C.: A Special Report" (June 17) that a 10-minute drive through either county would not reveal. Generally, the article was a presentation of data of well-known facts. That is, Orange County: Republican, white, "parties," wealth, condos, surfers. Los Angeles County: Polluted, crime, urbane, culture sites, freeways, racial diversity. What I said in two sentences took Patt Morrison ("Family Feud") 12 pages. What a waste. HAATSARI KAGURABADZA Long Beach
February 23, 2004
Re "False Witnesses Have Found a Believing Audience Once Again," Feb. 17: Patt Morrison should be commended for her courageous column correctly condemning the Garden Grove police for gross negligence in procedure and lack of any historical insight resulting in an innocent man being jailed for eight months. Apparently the police and the criminal justice system are unaware of, or don't have the mentality to learn anything from, similar cases like the McMartin trial debacle. Douglas Croixford Costa Mesa
January 7, 2009
Re "Taking L.A. for a ride," Opinion, Jan. 1 Cruising taxis won't reduce traffic or emissions. I agree with Patt Morrison that allowing cabs to easily pick up people who flag them down would benefit potential cab riders in busy areas such as downtown and Hollywood. However, I don't understand Morrison's statement that doing so "could cut down on traffic jams and carbon outlay." To the contrary, having empty cabs cruising the streets looking for fares would increase traffic and emissions.
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