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To accommodate runners participating in the fourth annual Pacific Shoreline Marathon, Pacific Coast Highway will be closed to traffic and parking between Beach Boulevard and Warner Avenue from 5 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Sunday. The course snakes through the city, and officials will also be closing off some residential streets. For a course map, call (714) 536-3525. More than 8,000 athletes from all over the world are expected to compete. The marathon starts and ends at the pier.
August 2, 1987
Leo Carrillo State Beach: 36000 block, PCH. Nicholas Canyon County Beach: PCH, 1 mile south of Leo Carrillo beach. El Pescador State Beach: 32900 PCH. La Piedra State Beach: 32700 PCH. El Matador State Beach: 32350 PCH. Stairway: 31300 block, Broad Beach Road. Walkway and steps: 31200 block, Broad Beach Road. Zuma Beach County Park: 30000 block, PCH. Westward Beach and Point Dume State Beach: south end, Westward Beach Road. Paradise Cove: 28128 PCH. Escondido Beach: 27200 block, PCH.
December 20, 2009 | By Steve Harvey
It was like a scene out of a sci-fi movie: A behemoth threatens an innocent town from atop a cliff, shrugging off all capture attempts. Only this real-life besieger was a 116-ton boulder, which gave indications in February 1979 that it might plunge onto Pacific Coast Highway and possibly squash a BMW or two, if not some beachfront architecture. The innocent town was Malibu, so naturally elements of show biz were involved. It was movie producer/ writer Robert Radnitz who led a campaign lobbying Caltrans to bring the big rock down from its 186-foot-high perch.
September 5, 1997 | HOPE HAMASHIGE
Construction is underway on the connector roads that link Newport Boulevard with Coast Highway, known as the Arches Interchange. The work will be completed over the next 18 months. During the project, the ramp connecting the southeast lanes of Coast Highway to southbound Newport Boulevard will be closed. Traffic will be detoured onto Balboa Boulevard. In addition to repairing the interchange ramps, the bridge over the Newport Channel will be rebuilt.
September 18, 2005
I'm saddened that two people had to die for the issue of bicycle safety to come to light (Sept. 14). But it's not restricted to the Pacific Coast Highway. As a rider who's commuted regularly between Hollywood and Santa Monica for eight years, I can tell you there is no safe road for bicyclists given the numerous construction sites throughout Los Angeles. L.A. should be a model city for bicycle commuting: We have perfect weather, wide boulevards and lots of land, but it's more dangerous here for bicyclists than in most East Coast cities.
May 19, 1985 | JUDY PASTERNAK, Times Staff Writer
On weekday mornings and on beach days, a torrent of traffic from the San Fernando Valley pours through the Malibu canyons, emptying onto Pacific Coast Highway. At such times, the locals speak wistfully of tollbooths. They long for a guard and a gate, strategically placed at each through-road intersection with PCH to discourage, or even staunch, the flow of cars.
December 1, 1991
Newport Coast Drive is open, beckoning to all who will to come fly the hills and vales of formerly proscribed lands from the ancient and venerable PCH to MacArthur Boulevard: one non-place to another. But, stay awhile! The mind and hand of man have not been hesitant, have not been quiescent, but have arisen, nay, have arched to meet an unasked-for challenge which will grant definition and meaning and, therefore, a certain grace, to this bastard descendant of the Roman Way. I draw your attention please to the pair of arches, symmetrically angled on the PCH egress/access.
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