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Peace Movements

June 17, 2005 | Anne-Marie O'Connor, Times Staff Writer
Donald Duncan is a familiar kind of man, his face lined and weathered, his husky voice flavored by a regional American accent. His eyes are thoughtful as he tells a familiar American story, of how he dreamed of being a war hero, until the brutality he witnessed in Vietnam destroyed the convictions that made him willing to fight and die. "Everything I grew up with," the former Green Beret begins haltingly, as if he still can't believe it. "This is just not the way you treat human beings."
May 2, 2005 | From Associated Press
Thousands of activists marched past the United Nations on Sunday, urging diplomats reviewing the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty to remember the horrors of the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki six decades ago and not allow them to be repeated. Chanting "No War, No Nukes" and carrying signs saying "No More Hiroshima, No More Nagasaki," the marchers headed to Central Park, where they formed a human peace symbol. Organizers put the number of protesters at 40,000.
February 21, 2005 | From Times Wire Reports
Peace activists from around the United States gathered in St. Louis as part of a three-day meeting to develop plans to pressure the Bush administration to exit Iraq. The gathering, which brought together representatives from more than 35 states and Canada, was coordinated by United for Peace and Justice, an umbrella coalition of about 1,000 anti-war organizations.
December 7, 2004 | From Times Wire Reports
A massive airdrop of paper birds intended to promote peace failed to halt violence in Thailand's south, as attacks targeted soldiers and local officials. Five people were wounded hours after Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra said Sunday's airdrop of nearly 100 million origami cranes over the region had boosted peace.
April 29, 2004 | From Associated Press
An antiwar group planning a massive demonstration at the start of the Republican National Convention has been denied a permit to use Central Park because the crowd would be too large, officials said Wednesday. United for Peace and Justice said it planned to appeal. The city parks department denied the group's request to rally on the park's Great Lawn after a march through city streets. A permit request for the march, submitted separately to the police department, is pending.
March 21, 2004 | Josh Getlin, Times Staff Writer
Thousands of people across the nation and throughout the world staged protests Saturday against the American-led invasion and occupation of Iraq, marking the war's anniversary. Many called for the immediate removal of all U.S. troops. Demonstrations were held in scores of American cities, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, Denver, San Francisco and in Crawford, Texas, the site of President Bush's ranch, organizers said.
October 4, 2003 | From Times Wire Reports
A peace activist group has accused the Fresno County sheriff of sending an undercover detective to its meetings. Members of Peace Fresno say Aaron Kilner regularly attended the meetings, telling members who asked what he did for a living that he was independently wealthy. The undercover sheriff's detective died in an off-duty motorcycle accident Aug. 30.
July 9, 2003 | Jenifer Ragland, Times Staff Writer
Marisol Candalario learned plenty about the Revolutionary War, Civil War, World War I, World War II, Vietnam War and other military conflicts. But in her time as a public school student, the 18-year-old learned little about the nonviolent movements that also helped shape world history. She had never heard of Mohandas K. Gandhi. She didn't know that the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.
June 29, 2003 | From Associated Press
The district attorney's pursuit of charges against protesters who shut down the city as the war in Iraq began is off again. Prosecutors decided Friday to drop cases against 407 people charged with traffic violations for blocking city streets during the first days of fighting. Police in riot gear arrested 2,300 demonstrators. Prosecutors still plan to pursue charges against 20 people allegedly involved in acts of misdemeanor violence or vandalism, Assistant Dist. Atty. Mike Menesini said. Dist.
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