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Peanut Butter

July 11, 1986 | Associated Press
Peanut butter is not winning the struggle for hearts and stomachs in Afghanistan. The all-American food, in olive-green plastic combat ration packs, is reaching Muslim guerrillas fighting the Soviet-backed communist regime. But many of the guerrillas are less than enthusiastic about the foreign delicacy. "I don't like it. It is not good to my stomach," said a guerrilla named Amarullah. Dozens of unopened packets of peanut butter from Visalia, Calif.
June 10, 1989
Your article credits a St. Louis physician with the invention of peanut butter in 1890. Perhaps others could claim simultaneous and independent discovery of that indispensable item of the American diet. In his never-ending search for acceptable meat substitutes for patients at the Battle Creek Sanitarium, W.K. Kellogg ground up some roasted peanuts in the experimental kitchen. He took the resultant product to his brother, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, for his approval. J.H. smelled the ground-up peanut paste, tasted it, and pronounced it "peanut butter."
April 17, 1994 | From Associated Press
Best Foods, makers of Skippy brand peanut butter, has signed on five-time Olympic speed skating champion Bonnie Blair to be a spokeswoman for its sandwich spread. Terms of the contract, announced Thursday, were not made public. Blair is the first celebrity to be featured in Skippy ads since 1988, when Annette Funicello last appeared. Blair's contract includes appearing in television and print advertisements and in other promotional materials.
February 23, 1995 | ROSE DOSTI
DEAR SOS: When dining at the Water Grill in Los Angeles, I had the most exquisite dorade with a crust of thinly sliced potato and a caviar sauce. What fish would you substitute, should I not find dorade ? --MARILU DEAR MARILU: Dorade , a relation of the sea bream or red porgy, is found in the Mediterranean and up the Atlantic coast of Spain as far as the Bay of Biscay.
February 8, 2002 | Steve Harvey
Hot heads: The crime blotter of the Saddleback Valley News reported that a store manager "and a female customer were fighting over hair products." Moving on to food fights: An assault case against a Rancho Santa Margarita woman accused of whacking a friend with a peanut butter sandwich has been dismissed for lack of evidence, the Dana Point News said.
February 9, 1986 | MARTHA GROVES
In the furor over the proposal that Los Angeles schools convert to year-round operation, much has been said about the potential effects on learning and extracurricular activities such as sports and band. But probably few people have given thought to what might happen to the makers of mayonnaise, peanut butter and tents. After all, parents aren't likely to pack sandwiches made with mayo into their children's lunch pails for fear of spoilage in the hot Los Angeles summer.
February 28, 1991 | JACK SMITH
A reader named Sava William Jacobson, of Sherman Oaks, writes to ask if I will divulge my secrets for remaining healthy. I would be happy to share my secrets, but I'm not sure my readers in general have the discipline to follow my advice. "I recall that some years ago you had a bypass operation," Jacobson says, "and that thereafter you went on a strict diet and exercise regimen." That isn't quite what happened.
February 22, 2002 | Steve Harvey
False alarm of the week: The Seal Beach Sun reports that a woman "claimed she was being stalked by a dark-haired woman who was pounding on her apartment window. It turned out to be a computer delivery person." Unclear on the concept: Gloria Dizmang noticed a caption in an area newspaper that didn't seem to go with the photo (see accompanying). Of course, those ice hockey games can get out of hand.
May 8, 1988 | PATRICIA WARD BIEDERMAN, Times Staff Writer
Sometimes peanut butter is the mother of invention. It was peanut butter--and a fertile imagination--that gave rise to the Knifty Knife. A small wooden utensil, the Knifty Knife is shaped something like a hacksaw, something like a finger stuck surreptitiously into a peanut butter jar. A little paddle fits snugly against the inside of the jar and allows a determined scraper to extract the last morsel of the contents.
February 3, 2001
The Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County is looking for elementary and middle school students to help the hungry by participating in the Pennies and Peanut Butter Food Drive this month and next. Students, classrooms and entire schools are encouraged to collect pennies, peanut butter and other nonperishable food items to donate. "We're able to stretch every penny donated here," said Mark Hunt, food drive coordinator.
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