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March 10, 1987 | From Reuters
Leftist guerrillas bombed two cinemas and a temporary employment office and blew up an electricity pylon in Lima on Sunday night, causing damage but no injuries, police said Monday. They added that four people were arrested while planting a firebomb at a third cinema downtown.
February 2, 1987 | United Press International
Torrential rains pushed two rivers over their banks in a lumber and coffee-producing region of the central Andes on Sunday, killing at least 43 people, authorities said. At least 200 other people were left homeless by the flooding of the Entas and Llamaquisu rivers in the state of Pasco, civil defense chief Jorge Del Aguila said.
April 13, 2000
Amid a shadow of apparent fraud, Peru's hotly contested presidential election swung back and forth Wednesday and finally turned what appeared to be a cakewalk for President Alberto Fujimori into a runoff with a determined opponent. The second round of voting should be closely supervised by independent monitoring agencies to avoid the taint evident in the first round.
August 18, 2013 | By Mike Morris
- There's really no better way to see a place than by foot. Even if the path is 26.2 miles and goes over a 13,800-foot mountain pass. And it's a race. Running a marathon in June along the Inca Trail, high in the Peruvian Andes, seemed like a good idea when I signed up for this trip nine months earlier. Although this marathon left me gasping - because of the scenery, I'm sure - it was worth it once I reached the Sun Gate and viewed the finish line - the spectacular ruins of Machu Picchu - a short distance below.
March 21, 1988 | Associated Press
Leftist guerrillas exploded a bomb at the Peru headquarters of Royal Dutch Shell Oil Co., injuring two people and starting a fire, police said Sunday.
November 14, 1986 | From Deutsche Presse-Agentur
A band of leftist guerrillas attacked a village in the Huancavelica highlands of Peru and killed two local leaders of the government APRA party, officials said Thursday.
April 8, 2007
I greatly enjoyed Agustin Gurza's article on music in Lima ["Music Helps Lima to Mend," March 25]. I'm always pleased to see Peru portrayed as a place with more happening than the usual emphasis on folkloric color. Lima's happening music scene richly deserves the attention you bestowed. JONATHAN RITTER Riverside
April 30, 2006 | From the Associated Press
Peru recalled its ambassador from Venezuela on Saturday over what it called President Hugo Chavez's "persistent and flagrant interference" in its upcoming presidential election. Chavez has characterized one of Peru's presidential candidates as a thief and repeatedly endorsed a nationalist candidate.
July 5, 2006 | From Reuters
Thousands of farmers blocked highways and clashed with police Tuesday to protest a U.S. trade deal that they say will ruin them financially. Police used tear gas to disperse rice growers who blocked roads and burned tires near Peru's border with Ecuador, and roadblocks by farmers in southern Peru backed up hundreds of buses and trucks along the main regional highways. Hundreds of people marched in Lima, the capital, while farmers blocked streets with rocks in the city of Arequipa.
April 22, 2009 | Associated Press
A Peruvian lawyer says Venezuelan opposition leader Manuel Rosales has requested political asylum in Peru. Rosales is a leading opponent of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and has been charged with corruption in Venezuela. Rosales says his trial there would not be fair. Lawyer Javier Valle-Riestra said the asylum request for Rosales was made Tuesday. He said a group of Rosales' allies contacted him 10 days ago about the case.
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