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Welcome to a defensive coordinator's nightmare. Brad, go down to your dad's Chevy and turn around. I'll fake it to ya. Tony, you run to the manhole cover and turn around. Stan, you go deep. It's street football, Los Alamitos style. Their attitude: Just try and stop us. No one has yet. Mater Dei defensive coordinator Eric Johnson will attempt to reel in Los Alamitos' offense in tonight's Southern Section Division I semifinal game.
January 22, 1997 | CHRIS FOSTER
There's that look Leticia Oseguera gets. When it's there, it means trouble--for UC Irvine's opponent. "Before a game, if she has this little sneer, I know it's going to be a good game," Irvine women's basketball Coach Colleen Matsuhara said. Then there's that other look. "If her shoulders are slumped, we're in trouble," Matsuhara said. Such is the way Oseguera's mood, and the Anteaters' fortunes, swing. Lately, there has been more sneering than slumping.
October 1, 1988 | TRACY DODDS, Times Staff Writer
In the aftermath of a pretty heady victory over the Soviet Union, an impressive 8-7 triumph at the Olympic Indoor Swimming Pool late Friday night that put the U.S. water polo team into the gold medal game against Yugoslavia Saturday night, there were pats on the back all around. While U.S. goalie Craig Wilson had a grin that told it all, Kevin Robertson reached out to pound him on the back from one side and Terry Schroeder did the same from the other side.
November 16, 1987 | ANN KILLION, Times Staff Writer
Watching Greg Morris, a San Clemente High School senior, during a water polo match, you find it hard to imagine that just four years ago, he wasn't a very good swimmer. "I was horrible," Morris said. "He was pretty terrible," Chuck Morris, Greg's father, agreed. "What he's done, he's done all by himself." What Morris has done is become one of Orange County's best high school water polo players.
September 30, 2005 | Kenneth Turan, Times Staff Writer
IN a sane world, there would be dancing in the streets at the arrival of a film as magical and entertaining as Carroll Ballard's "Duma." Television and radio advertising would trumpet its arrival, and audiences nationwide would be streaming to theaters to see it. Sadly, we do not live in that world.
July 28, 1985 | MILES CORWIN, Times Staff Writer
For the first time in 80 years, a U.S. water polo team had a legitimate chance to win an Olympic gold medal. The 1984 team had experience--the majority of the players had been on the national team since the late 1970s. The team was playing at home. And the Soviets, who had won the previous world championships, were boycotting. But although the U.S. did not lose a game, it lost the gold medal to Yugoslavia based on a goal differential. Still, it was the best U.S. water polo finish since 1904, when the Americans won the gold medal in an exhibition tournament not entered by foreign nations.
June 2, 2005 | Chuck Wilson, Special to The Times
Outfest, Los Angeles' annual gay and lesbian film festival, turns 23 this summer with a lineup of more than 200 films, beginning with the July 7 presentation of a special achievement award to director Gregg Araki, whose disturbing new film, "Mysterious Skin," opened in Los Angeles last week. Araki will receive his award at an opening night gala to be held at the Orpheum, the downtown movie palace that serves as the festival's launching pad.
September 29, 1988 | John Weyler
Last season, they were going to defend. Really defend. Chest-to-chest-deny-the-pass-deny-the-shot-deny-everything defense. At least that was The Plan. Bill Mulligan, UC Irvine men's basketball coach, even hired former Bobby Knight assistant Andy Andreas to show the Anteaters exactly how to implement The Plan. As grand schemes go, this one wasn't exactly on par with the invasion of Normandy, though.
October 2, 1988 | TRACY DODDS, Times Staff Writer
It was like a recurring nightmare with a slightly different horrifying flash to jolt a dreamer back to reality. The flash came from the lights on the scoreboard: Yugoslavia 9, United States 7. It was like a bad joke that built and built to an unfunny punch line: " . . . and then the Yugoslavs win it by 2 goals in the overtime!"
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