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Peter Jennings

October 28, 2005 | From a Times staff writer
In the wake of former anchorman Peter Jennings' death from lung cancer last August, "World News Tonight" will feature a series of reports next month on the disease and smoking cessation. "Peter Jennings was at the forefront of reporting on the dangers of smoking and tobacco throughout his career, and we are committed to carrying on his work," Jon Banner, executive producer of the ABC newscast, said Thursday. The series will be called "Quit to Live: Fighting Lung Cancer."
July 27, 1986
We are New York natives who have been living in California for six years and never felt homesick . . . that is, until "Liberty Weekend," which brought back memories and pangs of nostalgia. ABC is to be congratulated for its presentation, and we hope it wins an award along with Peter Jennings. Jacqueline T. Wilber, Port Hueneme
October 7, 1990
They (whoever "they" is) said one hit of the new season would be "Fresh Prince of Bel Air," starring Will Smith (below). But what do you say? As the fall season is under way, we want to know what new shows you pick to be a hit with audiences and which ones have already struck your fancy. Here are responses to the Sept. 16 question: What network do you turn to for news? What network do I turn to for critical news? That's easy. Tom Brokaw is far and away the most knowledgeable, professional and outstanding news specialist around.
October 11, 1987
Congratulations to ABC News and Peter Jennings, Ted Koppel and David Brinkley for an excellent bicentennial program, "Blessings of Liberty." I feel that ABC should air the show every year. The program was a fitting tribute to what William E. Gladstone, a great English statesman, called "the most wonderful work ever struck off at one time by the brain and purpose of man." Reed Markham, Alta Loma
April 28, 2005 | From Associated Press
Peter Jennings hasn't returned to the air since his April 5 announcement that he has lung cancer, but he's often shaping "World News Tonight" from behind the scenes. Jennings sometimes participates in the 9 a.m. daily conference call to set assignments for the day, said Jon Banner, executive producer of "World News Tonight." Banner faxes scripts to Jennings, who frequently calls or e-mails suggestions.
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