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Peter Strauss

July 8, 1985 | MAYERENE BARKER, Times Staff Writer
The lake has been dry since 1969. But the more than 900 people who gathered Sunday at the Peter Strauss Ranch-Lake Enchanto atop the Santa Monica Mountains in Agoura didn't seem to mind. The cool sounds of a jazz quartet, the rustic setting and a sculpture exhibit appeared to be good substitutes for the lake many had expected to find.
October 11, 1991 | HEATHER MORGAN
In 1985, John Woods went to the Peter Strauss Ranch in Agoura to perform at the outdoor theater, and he experienced more than just a sense of awe at the sight's natural beauty: He experienced deja vu . "This was the place that had come to me in a dream one night," said Woods, a Canoga Park resident who is half of the children's singing duo J. P. Nightingale, along with his wife, Pam.
October 15, 1988 | ELLEN MELINKOFF
Theater Arts Festival for Youth takes over Peter Strauss Ranch in Agoura this weekend, filling the country air with opera for kids, poetry, storytelling and songs from Africa, Asia, Mexico and more. Children's entertainers will cast the spells, and families should plan to spend a full day listening, participating and picnicking. Two stages, at the amphitheater and at the marble dance floor, will feature different programs each hour. Today's schedule begins with singer/songwriter J. P.
Goldfish, turtles and crayfish may not be your idea of invaders, but when it comes to the water quality of mountain streams, that is exactly what they are. So says National Park Service Ranger Barbara Applebaum of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. Applebaum will lead a hike Saturday along the stream running through the Peter Strauss Ranch in Agoura Hills to teach visitors about threats to water quality and how to keep streams, creeks and rivers pollution-free.
July 4, 1987 | ELLEN MELINKOFF
Peter Strauss Ranch in Agoura will be officially turned over to the National Park Service on Sunday. In addition to the ceremonies, there's a ranger-led walk in the morning and a folk music concert in the afternoon. With its broad lawn and shady hiking paths, the ranch has been a favorite family picnicking spot in past years. The drawback has been its limited hours: two weekends a month. Beginning Aug. 1, the ranch will be open daily 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday's festivities will begin at 9 a.m.
For music, sun and natural splendor, check out the Peter Strauss Ranch Site in the Santa Monica Mountains on Sunday afternoon. Once the location for Chumash gatherings, the site has gone through several transitions. It has been part of the Spanish settlement Rancho Las Virgenes; the estate of Harry Miller, a wealthy manufacturer of carburetors and race cars; a popular resort, known as Lake Enchanto, with the largest pool in the West; and the home of environment-minded actor Strauss.
October 11, 1990 | JANE HULSE
Welcome to the 1850s English village of Puddledumplin. Meet Lord Swinburne Bacon, whose impressive snout befits his lofty position as town magistrate. He's about to take a bride and enter the blissful state of hog heaven. It may not be quite kosher, but the wedding of Lord and Lady Bacon will take place during the Theatre Arts Festival for Youth, Saturday and Sunday, on the grounds of the Peter Strauss Ranch near Agoura in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area.
June 18, 1992
Looking for something to do on Father's Day weekend? Take Dad to see some stone, steel and wood at the Peter Strauss Ranch (Lake Enchanto) in Agoura Hills. Of course, it won't be just any stone and steel. These materials will take on something other than their natural forms in the 6th Annual Golden State Sculptors Assn. show and competition on Saturday and Sunday. "You're going to see a broad spectrum of design," said Walt Ingle, president of the association.
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