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Philip Westin

September 2, 1991 | BILL BILLITER
Philip Westin, formerly dean of fine arts at El Camino College in Torrance, has been named the new vice president of instruction at Golden West College. Westin, 46, who also was executive director of the South Bay Center for the Arts at El Camino College, replaces former Golden West Dean of Instruction Sheila Brazier, of Huntington Beach, who retired this summer after 25 years. "I'm excited about being at Golden West," Westin said. "This college can do what no other college can.
February 26, 1989 | DANIEL CARIAGA
Together, they control funds well in excess of $15 million annually. In booking their seasonal rosters of artists--particularly young ones--they affect hundreds of lives and careers. In choosing--as they must do with clocklike regularity--one composer or one string quartet or one pianist over another, they are taste makers. Powerful taste makers.
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