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Pico Union District

June 29, 1999
A popular athletic field in the Pico-Union neighborhood near downtown reopened last week. Located at 1532 W. 11th Street, the athletic field of the Salvation Army's Red Shield Youth and Community Center now has lush new grass, said Irene De Anda Lewis, executive director of the center. The center's soccer, flag football, softball and field hockey teams, which had been playing in the gymnasium since October last year when the field closed for renovations, will now move outdoors.
July 31, 1997 | BILL BOYARSKY
While the Police Commission was announcing its three finalists for L.A.'s top cop, Mayor Richard Riordan was just where he should have been, in the neighborhoods of his city. I caught up with him in a place that, outwardly, had nothing to do with a new chief. All the TV vans and most of the reporters were a few miles to the east, at police headquarters in Parker Center, where the commissioners were holding a press conference.
June 9, 1992
The Pico-Union disaster application center opens today with a bilingual staff able to help English- and Spanish-speaking applicants apply for federal and state aid. The center is at Toberman Recreation Center, 1725 Toberman St., Los Angeles.
June 22, 1995
It's fairly simple: Supermarkets would be better than vacant lots any day. In the Pico-Union area, where residents still see an abundance of vacant lots left from the 1992 riots, a supermarket or grocery store is the most needed retail service, according to a recent survey. Residents in the survey traveled an average of 3 1/2 miles to buy groceries. About half are without cars so they must walk, depend on someone else for a ride or use public transportation.
May 28, 1991
Since Jesus arrived here in April, the days all seem to begin and end the same way: He wakes up hopeful. He goes to bed weary and frustrated. Jesus, 21, came to the United States from Sonora, Mexico. After two years in Arizona he was drawn to Los Angeles by rumors that work was plentiful. The rumors proved false. Every day, he tries to find a job. He walks the streets, his belongings nestled in a trash bag slung over his shoulder. He is a careful walker, often looking at the ground.
October 19, 1996
Judith Raphael wants all of Los Angeles to know that "the plains of Pico-Union are alive with the sound of music and friendship." The organizer of the Pico-Union Harvest Festival scheduled for Sunday has made it her goal to show that the neighborhood in which she has run businesses for more than 40 years can be a beautiful one. The festival will bring together the traditions of many of the cultures represented in the community, including Mexican, Central and South American, Korean and African.
April 30, 1997
For many teenagers in the Pico-Union area, contact with the Los Angeles Police Department often involves foul behavior and ends up in court. For a few dozen youths from the tough neighborhoods near MacArthur Park, there may be some fouls this Saturday, but they'll be on a basketball court, where six community basketball teams will face two squads from the LAPD's Rampart station in a double-elimination tournament.
February 22, 1996
There are more then 500 establishments in the Pico-Union/Westlake area that have liquor licenses. If Roberto Bustillo has his way, no more new licenses will be issued. Bustillo is one of the organizers of the Prevention Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program, a 6-month-old community project to shut down problem liquor stores and to stop the spread of new outlets. The program, part of the nonprofit Clinica Msr. Oscar A. Romero, will hold a meeting at 6 tonight at 2517 W. 7th St.
His voice booming, janitor Francisco Suazo demanded justice. Shop owner Lucrecia Garcia pleaded for help for Latino businesses. And Hilda Palafox, a slight, soft-spoken immigrant from Puebla, Mexico, said she just wanted an honest job.
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