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January 1, 2005 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
Additional observations have ruled out the chance that a recently discovered asteroid, believed to be about 1,300 feet long, could hit Earth in 2029, NASA scientists said this week. Last week, asteroid 2004 MN4 had been given a small chance of hitting Earth, based on observations this month and in June. Spacewatch Observatory near Tucson found faint pictures of the asteroid in images dating to March 15.
March 17, 1985
Redondo Beach Mayor Barbara Doerr wants professional and amateur shutterbugs to go out and take pictures of the city and its people on March 20. The 10 best pictures taken that day will be entered in a contest sponsored by the U. S. Conference of Mayors and could be used in a book called "A Day in the Life of America's Cities." Doerr said that the project especially wants photos that show "an imaginative exploration of the full range of Redondo's life."
May 17, 2000
I am amazed and disappointed that you continue to publish photos of Bonnie and Danielle Jouhari ("Klansman to Apologize for Harassment," May 12), making it that much easier for the Klan to keep tabs on them. Instead, why don't you publish pictures of Klansman Roy Frankhouser and his ilk? BARRY ULRICH Claremont
August 21, 1986
I was very much interested in the piece by Barbara Baird, "Archivists Rescue Images of Hollywood's Past" (Times, Aug. 10). It is impressive to know that the picture collection is in the competent hands of such an expert as Sid Avery, who was chief of the U.S. Army's Pictorial Service and Laboratory in London during World War II. I was very much aware of the operations of Mr. Avery's setup,for during the war I was an embryonic picture editor in the...
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