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Pit Bull

January 30, 2004 | Dana Parsons
You wouldn't keep a loaded gun within reach of a child, would you? Then why in the world would anyone have a pit bull? That question doesn't get asked a lot, even though -- unlike the gun -- there's no constitutionally protected right to keep and bear an animal that sometimes gets a hankering to rip you up. I'm just wondering what the attraction is for a dog that will lap at your face on Monday and rearrange it on Tuesday.
September 24, 1999
A pit bull attacked a 7-year-old boy and a woman in the backyard of a house Thursday, authorities said. The boy was airlifted to Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles, where he underwent surgery for four hours and was in fair condition, a hospital spokeswoman said. The boy was playing with another boy in the friend's backyard in the 12700 block of Woodcock Avenue near three pit bulls that were not tied up, said Jackie David, a spokeswoman for city Animal Services.
March 11, 1999
Just 10 days after a pit bull fatally mauled a toddler in South Los Angeles, a dog of the same breed attacked an investigator for the Orange County district attorney's office on Wednesday, seriously injuring his hand, police said. Armando Acedo, an investigator for the county's welfare fraud unit, had just entered the front yard of a Fullerton home when three dogs--two of them pit bulls--suddenly appeared, Fullerton Police Sgt. Kevin Hamilton said.
November 16, 2012 | By Christie D'Zurilla
"The Dog Whisperer" Cesar Millan is usually focused on rehabbing canines -- but he's now revealing some work he had to do on himself following a suicide attempt in 2010. In February of that year, he lost his top dog, Daddy, to cancer after 16 years as a team. A month later, Millan's wife told him she wanted a divorce after 16 years of marriage. The combined blow knocked him for a loop, he shares in "Cesar Millan: The Real Story," a documentary on Nat Geo Wild. In May 2010, he attempted suicide via drug overdose, winding up unconscious and hospitalized, he said.
April 12, 2000 | MARTHA L. WILLMAN
An administrative hearing to determine the fate of two pit bull terriers that badly mauled a Sylmar man in February will continue Friday at the East Valley animal shelter. The hearing could result in an order that the animals be destroyed and/or that their alleged owners be prohibited from owning dogs for at least three years, said James Connelly, hearing examiner for the Los Angeles Department of Animal Services.
March 3, 1999 | PATT MORRISON
There is, in this newspapering craft of mine, a saying: Dog bites man is not news. But man bites dog--that's a headline. What this means is that the ordinary, the routine in life is not newsworthy, as in dogs biting men. But news is the exception; news is a man biting a dog for a change. Yet we are reminded this week that sometimes the cliche doesn't hold. Dog did bite man.
September 9, 2009 | Tony Barboza
A 3-year-old Fullerton girl remained hospitalized Tuesday with severe injuries after her family's pit bull attacked her in their backyard, police said. The attack took place just before 7:45 p.m. Monday at the family's house in the 200 block of Costa Court when the girl and her mother took food to the dog, which was tied up in the backyard, said Fullerton Police Sgt. Mike MacDonald. The mother went back inside the house to wash dishes, leaving her daughter outside with the dog. Police are investigating the attack as a case of child neglect.
August 2, 1987
Re: Backyard Pool Shark in Orange: I'd much rather have a neighbor who owns a shark aquarium than a neighbor who owns a pit bull! BARBARA RICHARDSON Huntington Beach
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