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October 23, 2011
THE BEST WAY TO VANUATU From LAX, Qantas, Air New Zealand and Virgin Australia offer connecting service (change of plane) to Air Vanuatu and Port-Vila. The best time to visit is May to September; the rainy season is November through April. WHERE TO STAY White Grass Ocean Resort, Tanna; Doubles from $284, includes breakfast. They will also arrange your trip to the volcano. Ratua Private Island, . $430 per person, per night (two-night minimum stay)
April 27, 2014 | By Emily Alpert Reyes
Two small planes collided Sunday afternoon over a northern area of the San Francisco Bay, sending one crashing into the water, according to the Coast Guard. The collision involved a Cessna 210 and a Hawker Sea Fury TMK 20, which collided over San Pablo Bay about 4:05 p.m., said Ian Gregor, public affairs manager for the Federal Aviation Administration. The Hawker landed safely at a Northern California airport and its pilot was reportedly not injured, Gregor said. The Cessna fell into the water, spurring the Coast Guard to launch four rescue boats and a helicopter to search the waters, said Coast Guard spokeswoman Loumania Stewart.
January 28, 2010
Dear Amy: I am 5 foot 3 inches and weigh 112 pounds. I recently took a flight where the man sitting next to me weighed at least 250 pounds. There was an armrest between us that I had put down when I sat down, and when he came and sat in his seat next to mine, he put it back up. This left me very uncomfortable, as I had to lean away from him the whole flight because he had taken up my unused space in my seat. I paid for my seat and don't feel that I should be uncomfortable to make someone else more comfortable.
April 27, 2014 | Times Editorial Board
The recent revelation that the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department secretly conducted aerial surveillance of the entire city of Compton for nine days in 2012 prompted outrage from the city's mayor, its residents and civil liberties groups. The Sheriff's Department justified the surveillance by saying it was only a brief test of a program provided by a private security company. A small, manned Cessna plane equipped with an array of cameras flew six hours a day and only in daylight, beaming video information back to the local sheriff's station.
May 9, 2011
Firebird spy plane Operates with or without onboard pilot Wingspan: 65 feet Length: 34 feet Height: 9.7 feet Top speed: About 230 mph Altitude: 30,000 feet Maximum endurance: 40 hours Payload capacity: 1,240 pounds Source: Northrop Grumman
March 15, 2014 | By Barbara Demick
BEIJING -- Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said Saturday that missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 was diverted due to “deliberate action” by either a passenger or crew member. He also said the Boeing 777 might have flown for as long as eight hours after its takeoff at 12:20 a.m. March 9, meaning that in theory it could have traveled thousands of miles. Najib said investigators were focusing their search now on two air traffic corridors -- a southern one heading from Indonesia to the south Indian Ocean, and a northern one that would have taken the flight toward Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan.
November 16, 2012 | By August Brown
Apparently Rihanna took the chorus of her new single "Diamonds" to heart -- her latest promotional gambit for her album "Unapologetic" is the shiniest, booziest thing in the friendly skies this week . The Barbados-born singer has chartered a private jet to schlep around 250 comrades, contest winners and media folks for seven stops on her "777" world tour of small clubs that includes stops in Mexico City, London and elsewhere. Though this just sounds like a dreary, Dickensian hell, the passengers are doing their best to fight through the pulverizing boredom of being plied with Armand de Brignac champagne, tequila shots and Courvoisier in the company of one of the world's most famous and beautiful pop stars while jetting to exotic locales.
May 3, 2013 | By Sergei L. Loiko
MOSCOW -- A U.S. fueling plane crashed in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan on Friday, a local official said. The Boeing 707 took off from the U.S. air base at Manas International Airport near Bishkek, officials said. The base is a key installation for transit operations to and from Afghanistan. "At about 15:20 [local time], we received information that a U.S. fueling plane disappeared off the radar," Azamat Mambetov, an official of Kyrgyzstan's emergency ministry, said in a phone interview from Bishkek.
March 27, 2012
AMARILLO, Texas — A JetBlue captain who screamed that Iraq or Afghanistan had planted a bomb on a Las Vegas-bound flight was locked out of the cockpit, tackled and restrained by passengers Tuesday, passengers said. The captain of Flight 191 from New York JFK International Airport had a "medical situation" and that the pilot, who subsequently took command of the aircraft, elected to land in Amarillo, Texas about 10 a.m., JetBlue Airways said in a statement. Josh Redick, a passenger sitting near the middle of the plane, said the pilot "stormed out" of the cockpit.
October 6, 1992
Disassembled, the Spruce Goose is now the Loose Goose. RAY GRAYSON El Cajon
April 23, 2014 | By Angel Jennings, Richard Winton and James Rainey
To the 96,000 residents of Compton, the little Cessna would have looked like scores of other small planes that flew over the city each day. But anyone paying close attention might have noticed the single-engine craft kept circling the city in a continuous loop. What they could not have known was that it packed unusual cargo - a bank of a dozen wide-angle industrial imaging cameras. They recorded low-resolution images of every corner of the 10.1-square-mile city. For nine days in early 2012, the small plane beamed the images to the local Sheriff's Department station, where deputies observed fender benders, necklace snatchings and a shooting.
April 21, 2014 | By Joseph Serna
A teenager who stowed away on a flight from San Jose to Hawaii and survived did not know where the plane was headed when he climbed aboard, FBI officials said Monday. The 16-year-old, who has not yet been charged with a crime, had run away from home when he climbed a fence at San Jose's Mineta International Airport om Sunday morning and crawled into the left rear wheel well of Hawaiian Airlines flight 45. “He was not planning on going to Hawaii,” said FBI Honolulu spokesman Tom Simon.
April 21, 2014 | By Kurt Streeter and Joe Serna
A teenager who apparently stowed away on a Hawaiian Airlines flight from San Jose to Maui may have stayed warm because of the plane's landing gear, according to the Federal Aviation Administration. Heat from the plane's hydraulic lines in the wheel well, as well as heat retained in the tires, could have helped the stowaway survive as the aircraft climbed to altitudes with sub-zero temperatures, the FAA reported. In addition, the plane's steady climb to high altitudes may allow a person to drift into unconsciousness as oxygen becomes scarce.
April 18, 2014 | By Paresh Dave
In response to a security threat, the FBI was questioning passengers of a Delta Air Lines flight from Detroit after it landed in Denver on Friday afternoon, airport officials said. The plane, a 737, landed without incident in Denver and was moved to a remote location of the airfield, the airport said. The nature of the threat was not disclosed. In an email, an FBI spokesman in Denver said the agency was not planning to immediately comment on the situation. One passenger tweeted from the tarmac: "Getting personal stuff off plane almost 2 hours later.
April 17, 2014 | By Los Angeles Times staff, This post has been corrected; see note below for details.
A Korean Airlines plane struck some light poles at Los Angeles International Airport, causing slight damage to one of its wings, authorities said Thursday. The incident occurred about 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, airport officials said, according to L.A. Airspace, a Daily Breeze news blog. The Associated Press reported: The plane's right wing was scratched, but no one was injured. Two 30-foot light poles were bent. The A380 is the world's largest commercial airliner, carrying passengers in a double-deck configuration.
April 14, 2014 | By Los Angeles Times Staff
A flight bound for Sacramento was forced to make an emergency landing in Omaha after witnesses say a passenger tried to open the door midair. Passengers said they were forced to restrain the man, identified by KCRA-TV as Joshua Carl Lee Suggs, who was escorted off the plane by airport authorities after Sunday's incident. A total of 135 passengers and five crew members were aboard the Southwest Airlines flight from Chicago. Some were fainting and nauseated and even crying, witnesses told KCRA in Sacramento.
September 6, 2012 | By Michael Muskal
A security threat that forced an airliner to return to Philadelphia was a hoax, officials said on Thursday. US Airways Flight 1267 was an hour en route to Dallas when authorities recalled the plane because of a report that a suspicious item containing liquid explosives had been placed on the airliner. The craft, carrying 74 passengers and crew members, was returned to Philadelphia where it was searched and found to be free of any explosive material, FBI Special Agent Frank Burton Jr. said in a telephone interview with the Los Angeles Times.
January 4, 2014 | By Stephen Ceasar
Engine failure forced a single-engine plane into the water near Santa Catalina Island on Saturday afternoon, but the two people on board were unharmed and rescued by a nearby boat, authorities said. The plane went down about 1:15 p.m. about six miles northeast of the island, said Coast Guard spokesman Adam Eggers. A recreational boat that was nearby responded and rescued the two people in the water, Eggers said. Neither was injured. The two passengers were taken to Catalina Island.
April 14, 2014 | By Julie Makinen
BEIJING - Investigators looking for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 have put away their towed pinger locator and are about to call off searches for surface debris. Now, it's all up to a little yellow robotic submarine to find the missing Boeing 777 in an area bigger than the city of Los Angeles. Technicians aboard the Australian ship Ocean Shield on Monday afternoon deployed the Bluefin-21 underwater autonomous vehicle in the Indian Ocean, sending it almost three miles down to the seabed and using its side-scanning sonar arrays to look for wreckage from the plane.  “It is time to go underwater,” retired Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston, who is coordinating the search from Perth, Australia, said in announcing the new phase of operations.  Unless the robot sub gets lucky, the process could take a while: The U.S. Navy, which lent the Bluefin-21 to the search team, said mapping the area where the plane most likely disappeared could take six weeks to two months.  The 16-foot, 1,650-pound sub moves at a walking pace and will be searching an area of about 600 square miles.
April 14, 2014 | By Dan Weikel
Ken Dobson, a retired police officer, said he received quite a welcome when he landed his single-engine Cessna in Detroit two days after leaving his home in Palm Desert. Five sheriff's cars surrounded the plane and deputies got out with guns drawn. Then a helicopter arrived with four federal agents and a drug-sniffing dog. They demanded to see Dobson's pilot's license, asked about the flight and mentioned that his long trip from Southern California was suspicious. Fearing he would lose his flight credentials if he didn't cooperate, Dobson consented to a search of his plane.
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