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Plane Crash

May 28, 1990 | United Press International
A single-engine plane lost its wings and crashed Sunday in southeastern Missouri, killing both people aboard, the Missouri Highway Patrol said.
August 12, 1985 | United Press International
Three passengers were hospitalized Sunday with injuries incurred in the crash of their twin-engine plane on takeoff from Stapleton International Airport.
December 1, 2013 | By Matt Pearce
About this time of year there are precious few hours of daylight in the small town of St. Mary's in faraway western Alaska, and so it was already dark and frigid by the time paramedics arrived at the wreckage of a Cessna 208 airplane outside town. What they found Friday night was tragic: The plane carrying 10 people had crashed on a snowy slope, killing the pilot and three passengers - one of them an infant. But rescuers say there could have been more casualties if it weren't for the courage of one survivor - the infant's mother - who climbed out of the wreckage and trudged through the dark and icy fog to find rescuers, who had set out from town into the wilderness to look for the crash.
February 15, 2009 | P.J. Huffstutter and Erika Hayasaki
A cold breeze carried the acrid scent of smoke across this suburban Buffalo neighborhood Saturday as workers began the process of recovering bodies from the wreckage of Continental Flight 3407, a commuter plane that crashed into a home three nights ago. Officials said it would take at least another three to four days until all of the victims' remains could be removed from the charred plane, which sits on top of the crushed white frame house with green trim on Long Street.
March 7, 1986 | Associated Press
A plane crashed during a trip to a game park in southwest Kenya, killing all nine West German tourists aboard and the Kenyan pilot, officials said today.
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