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Plastic Bottles

Would you appreciate recycled water and soda bottles in your sweaters? Your shoes? Your underwear? A number of American companies bet you would. Patagonia, the Ventura-based designer and distributor of outdoor clothing, is one of them. Its fall catalogue--and selected stores--carry a new-generation zip-front Synchilla pullover that replaces the original.
April 13, 2005 | Marla Cone, Times Staff Writer
Evidence is mounting that a chemical in plastic that is one of the world's most widely used industrial compounds may be risky in the small amounts that seep from bottles and food packaging, according to a report to be published this week in a scientific journal. The authors of the report, who reviewed more than 100 studies, urged the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to re-evaluate the risks of bisphenol A and consider restricting its use.
April 22, 2012 | By Susan Carpenter, Los Angeles Times
Lather, rinse, repeat. We all do it — usually with a liquid shampoo. But a handful of manufacturers are getting rid of the plastic bottles and the liquid and offering shampoos in solid bars that look like traditional hand soap. Canadian cosmetic company Lush makes nine formulas of solid shampoos, as well as a solid conditioner. J.R. Liggett's, in New Hampshire, makes six. And countless artisan soap makers also are capitalizing on growing customer demand for a concentrated product that has all the performance of a regular shampoo but with less packaging and fewer chemicals.
December 26, 2009 | By Mike Bresnahan
Wary Christmas. If this didn't throw some caution into the lovely prose cataloging the Lakers' steamroller of a season, would anything? The Lakers were uninspiring and unexciting, in case their angry, booing fans didn't prove the point during a thorough 102-87 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers on Friday at Staples Center. The Lakers lost their cool -- Kobe Bryant seemed edgy and off-kilter the entire game, and Lamar Odom was ejected in the fourth quarter -- and their fans followed suit, hurling about 50 promotional foam-finger giveaways on to the court with 4 minutes 4 seconds to play and the Lakers down 18. The game was briefly delayed and, despite pleas from longtime in-house announcer Lawrence Tanter, more foam fingers were tossed from the stands after another foul was called with 3:45 to play.
February 10, 1985 | PATRICK BOYLE
Quaker State Oil Refining Corp. has opened a new plant in Carson that will produce motor oil in plastic bottles, the last step in the company's phase-out of cardboard cans as containers for its lubricants. The plant, which employs 65 workers, will produce as many as 37.5 million bottles of oil a year, using lubricant brought in to the company's Long Beach terminal from its refineries in Pennsylvania.
June 1, 1989 | From United Press International
Efforts by motorists to snatch up thousands of bouncing plastic bottles of soda dumped from a cargo truck fizzled Wednesday when state police were called in to monitor the cleanup. A truck spilled the bottles on Interstate 91 shortly before 7:30 a.m., State Police Sgt. Daniel Kavanaugh said. Most of the soda cargo remained intact because it was packaged in plastic bottles. "We ended up with a problem of people stopping to pick up the soda," Kavanaugh said. "We sent the cruiser on another call, then we had to send the officer back because people were stopping to pick up the soda."
January 9, 2008 | Richard Winton
The LAPD's investigation into the actions of its officers during the MacArthur Park melee last May will be presented to the district attorney's office and department managers by the end of the month, Deputy Chief Mark Perez told the city's Police Commission on Monday. A May 1 immigration rally turned violent after Metro Division police officers responded to a small group of people throwing rocks and plastic bottles. Officers marched across the park firing hundreds of foam-like bullets and wielding batons at the protesters and the media.
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