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You don't have to be a big baseball fan to be excited about the upcoming sound-track album to "Bull Durham," the film starring Kevin Costner that opens July 19. But it would probably help. Especially since the album is a rock rotisserie-league fan's delight, including such pop sandlot epics as "Centerfield" by John Fogerty and "Love Ain't No Triple Play," performed by Bonnie Raitt with Dr. John and Bennie Wallace.
March 28, 2014 | By Kevin Baxter
Matt Kemp rejoined the Dodgers on Friday for the first time since their season-opening trip to Australia. And after taking batting practice with the team for one of the few times this spring, he pronounced himself ready to play when his stint on the disabled list ends next week. "When the time comes, if they want to put me in the lineup, I'll be ready to go," said Kemp, who is eligible to be activated for Friday's home opener. "I feel really good. I feel really confident. I feel like I can help this team win. " Kemp made three trips to the disabled list last season, appearing in only 73 games.
July 4, 1995
Avalon city officials promise they won't pipe "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" through the hallowed halls of their new City Hall--even if the building will sit on the old spring training home of the Chicago Cubs. The floor plans are now being designed for the $500,000 building on Las Casitas Ball Field, which is owned by the Santa Catalina Island Co., a holding of the Wrigley family that once owned the Chicago Cubs. The team stopped using the field for spring training in the 1940s.
March 17, 2014 | By Steve Virgen
A massive suspension that had sidelined more than 700 Little League baseball players in Newport Beach has been lifted and games will be allowed to resume. A dispute between adults -- those in the league and those in the group that oversees it -- had resulted in the cancellation of two games for the young players. Joe Jennings, a board member for Newport Beach Little League, told the Daily Pilot that the punishment seemed like an “extreme action that has been harsh for so many kids.” District officials, who oversee the league and others in Orange County, handed down the suspension after determining that the league had too many coaches serving on its board of directors.
March 31, 1995
Our local major league teams, the Dodgers and the Angels, are scheduled to take the field tonight in the first game of the traditional Freeway Series, the final exhibition games before the start of baseball season. But who are these guys? With the baseball strike still unsettled, it looks as if a bunch of unknowns, has-beens and wanna-bes wearing major league uniforms will stand in for real players on opening day.
July 6, 1998 | Steve Henson
The 12 Little Leagues in the Valley send all-star teams in four age groups to District 40 tournaments that begin today from Woodland Hills to Canyon Country. The tournament for 11- to 12-year-olds leads to the World Series in Williamsport, Pa., and is the one most people associate with Little League. But tournaments also are held for 9- to 10-year-olds, 13-year-olds and 14- to 15-year-olds.
A Superior Court judge took time out Wednesday from the usual murders, robberies and multimillion-dollar civil suits to rule on whether the Verdugo and Vaquero all-stars get to play for their district Little League championship, even if they did violate some adults' regulations. After a 25-minute hearing, His Honor ruled: Play ball. Superior Court Judge S.
February 28, 1990
The return of baseball each winter, heralded by tidbits of news from distant training camps, seems to satisfy some basic need in the American mind and heart. But this appetite for the national pastime has gone unfulfilled this year as the impasse between the players' union and owners over a new labor contract has dragged on.
Alan Alda just does it. Tennis. Golf. Basketball. Apnea. Apnea? That's what the French call the sport of holding one's breath under water. And Alda does it. For one minute and 45 seconds, which is pretty good after just a little training but doesn't begin to compare with the seven minutes the champion breath-holders can manage. Thanks to science and technology, those times are becoming longer. And that's where Alda comes in, as host of tonight's "Scientific American Frontiers" (10 p.m.
April 26, 1995 | MIKE DOWNEY
Expressing gratitude to "our loyal, patient and knowledgeable fans"--who ate it up like cotton candy and welcomed back the players like long-lost loves--the Florida Marlins and visiting Dodgers began the meagerly awaited 1995 baseball season at Joe Robbie Stadium Tuesday night, relieved by their reception. "Feels good to hear cheers," Terry Pendleton said. "I'd hate to be hated," agreed Marlin teammate Gary Sheffield. And they were the home team.
February 23, 2014 | Helene Elliott
SOCHI, Russia - Team Canada's journey to its second straight Olympic hockey title began six months ago not with intense strategizing, but with a game of ball hockey. Seeking a way to get players to bond when insurance costs prevented them from skating at an Olympic orientation camp, Coach Mike Babcock told them to wear sneakers and improvise a game on land. It seemed silly at the time but it was the memory Ryan Getzlaf invoked Sunday as Canada prepared for the third period of its gold-medal game against Sweden at the Bolshoy Ice Dome.
February 20, 2014 | By Eric Sondheimer
It's hard to say what's more impressive. The lights, the all-weather grass surface, the comfortable stadium seating, the view from above the dugouts or the classy name plates for the people who donated money. Pick your favorite part of the new $3 million Sherman Oaks Notre Dame baseball stadium that will be unveiled on Saturday at 10 a.m. for the alumni game. They'll be able to try out the new public address system, because Neil Diamond is coming to sing Sweet Caroline. The new lights were turned on Thursday night for the first time, and they work.
December 19, 2013 | By Joe Flint
After the coffee. Before seeing how "Anchorman 2" fared on day one. The Skinny: Caught the first episode of HBO's "True Detective. " Might as well hand Matthew McConaughey the Emmy now and save everyone else some time and money. I'm saving the other episodes for next week. Headlines today include analysis of the WME-IMG deal. Also, the FCC wants to get rid of its sports blackout rules and "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson has been benched from the A&E reality show for his comments about gays.  Daily Dose: The consolidation in local television shows no signs of slowing down.
September 9, 2013 | By Sam Farmer
Tim Tebow's NFL career might have hit a wall, but there's still a place for him where football has walls. The Arena Football League's LA KISS -- yes, the rock band KISS bought an arena team -- is offering Tebow a three-year deal. The offer "will encompass a three-year contract with the possibility for Tebow to earn millions," the team said in a news release Monday. "As a former NFL player, the LA KISS will offer intense training and unwavered commitment to the former New England Patriots player, with the hopes to take him to the next level, the release said.
August 29, 2013 | By Eryn Brown, This post has been corrected, as indicated below.
Planetary scientists have detected a Trojan -- an asteroid-like object that shares a planet's orbit -- circling the sun ahead of Uranus. The discovery of 2011 QF 99 , the first of its kind for the ice giant planet, was reported Thursday in the journal Science . According to first author Mike Alexandersen, a doctoral student in astronomy at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, it happened almost by accident....
May 17, 2013 | Eric Sondheimer
The Hamilton boys — Gary, Jordan, Isaac and Daniel — fell in love with the same girl, according to their mother, Karen. "Spalding," she said. Yes, basketball has become their ticket to college and success. Last week, junior Daniel Hamilton of Bellflower St. John Bosco became the fourth brother to accept a basketball scholarship when he committed to Connecticut. He joins Isaac, a McDonald's All-American who will graduate next month from St. John Bosco and head to Texas El Paso; Jordan, who played for Texas and was a first-round draft pick of the Denver Nuggets in 2011; and Gary, who played at Miami and has been a pro player overseas.
April 25, 2013 | By Joe Flint
Cross Al Jazeera off the list of potential suitors for the Tennis Channel. The Qatar-based media giant was mentioned by the New York Post in a story last week as wanting to buy the Tennis Channel. However, a senior executive with knowledge of Al Jazeera's U.S. media strategy is adamant that there is no such interest in the Tennis Channel. The executive declined to speak on the record because the company did not want to officially comment on idle speculation regarding a financial transaction.
March 15, 2013
Throughout AEG's efforts to secure city approval for its proposed downtown football stadium, the presence of CEO Tim Leiweke has been regarded as an asset - he's forged strong relationships with elected officials and organized labor, and those connections have helped overcome some of the reservations local leaders have regarding Phil Anschutz, the conservative Denver billionaire who sits atop AEG's parent company. On Thursday, with Leiweke and the company parting ways, supporters tried to argue that this change helps the stadium deal too, because Leiweke's leaving is part of AEG's decision to take the company off the market, thus ending some of the uncertainty around its possible sale.
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