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June 5, 1991 | MIKE DiGIOVANNA
With nine days left in its annual spring drive, Cal State Fullerton's Titan Athletic Foundation has received $447,752 in pledges, according to Steve DiTolla, interim athletic director. The figure represents 90% of the $500,000 goal and is about $6,000 short of the school's previous fund-raising high. The TAF raised $453,891 in the 1989-90 drive. The campaign is scheduled to conclude June 13.
February 7, 1992 | Reuters
Vice President Dan Quayle on Thursday pledged American support for the three Baltic states and announced $18 million in additional U.S. aid to them. Quayle, arriving from Finland, expressed America's support for Estonia which, with Latvia and Lithuania, regained independence from the Soviet Union in September.
September 26, 2009 | Times Wire Reports
Vice President Joe Biden pledged that the federal government would help Georgia recover from the severe weather that swept through the Southeast, even as rain was forecast for the weekend. Biden toured the metro Atlanta area by helicopter and saw portions of the city still under water from the deluge this week. At least 11 deaths in Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee were blamed on the storms. The vice president visited residents staying at a Red Cross shelter in Cobb County. Gov. Sonny Perdue announced that the number of counties eligible for federal aid had increased to 14.
May 13, 1986 | United Press International
More than 6,500 scientists and engineers, warning that President Reagan's "Star Wars" defense proposal will endanger arms control agreements, pledged today not to participate in research on the program. The pledges, including those of 15 Nobel Prize winners, were presented at a Capitol Hill news conference to Rep. George E. Brown Jr. (D-Colton), a leading congressional critic of the President's Strategic Defense Initiative, commonly called "Star Wars."
August 25, 1988 | DAVID G. SAVAGE, Times Staff Writer
Legal experts are divided on whether Vice President George Bush or Democratic presidential nominee Michael S. Dukakis is right in their dispute over Gov. Dukakis' veto of a Massachusetts law requiring the Pledge of Allegiance in schools. But most, citing a 1943 Supreme Court decision, side with Dukakis. The decision declared that U.S. citizens are free to ignore government demands that they pledge their support for "orthodox" views, even if this means refusing to salute the American flag.
The American flag, often the center of controversy in national and foreign issues, has been unfurled in the contentious relationship between the Santa Monica Rent Control Board and area landlords. Last week, three of the five elected board members, whose political pronouncements often go beyond rental and housing issues, announced that they would refrain from pledging allegiance to the flag at the beginning of board meetings in protest of U.S. involvement in El Salvador.
November 12, 1991 | DAVID J. FOX
Spurred by the public attention drawn to AIDS by Magic Johnson's disclosure on Thursday that he has tested positive for HIV, the first-ever AIDS CableThon, shown over a network of California cable stations on Sunday night, raised more than $1 million in pledges. Organizers said that the cablethon ended with a flood of $32 contributions--in honor of the number that the star basketball player wore as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers.
June 14, 1985 | MARYLOUISE OATES, Times Staff Writer
Money might be tight for some Democrats, but New York Gov. Mario Cuomo is set to pick up pledges of $500,000 in Beverly Hills on Sunday. The intimate and unannounced reception hosted by Mark Nathanson at his home will include such heavy hitters as Max Palevsky, TV producer Aaron Spelling ("Dynasty" and "Love Boat"), attorneys Frank Rothman and Greg Bautzer, investor Charles W. Knapp and Jody Evans, the long-time fund-raiser for former Gov. Edmund G. Brown Jr.
February 27, 1989 | MELISSA HEALY, Times Staff Writer
Former Texas Sen. John Tower sought to salvage his nomination as secretary of defense Sunday by pledging to forgo all consumption of alcohol during his tenure at the Pentagon if he is confirmed by the Senate. Tower said he "would be obliged to resign" if he should take a drink while holding the sensitive Cabinet post. "The secretary of defense lives in a goldfish bowl," he told reporters after making his pledge on a television interview show. "If anyone wants to put a tail on me, they can."
August 24, 1988 | DAVID LAUTER, Times Staff Writer
Democratic presidential nominee Michael S. Dukakis, launching a long-prepared attack, Tuesday questioned Vice President George Bush's "dedication to the Constitution and the rule of law" and his "fitness for office." At the center of Dukakis' assault were Bush's repeated attacks against Dukakis on the Pledge of Allegiance. In 1977, as Bush repeatedly has pointed out, Dukakis vetoed a bill that would have penalized any school teacher who failed to lead the pledge every morning.
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