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September 21, 1992
The media report daily the pledges of President Bush regarding what he intends to do for the country in the next four years--some repeated from the last presidential campaign. Mr. President, where have you been for these past four years when the country so desperately needed you? T. A. GAYLOR SR., Los Angeles
May 24, 1989 | From Times wire services
A fund-raising effort by parents and boosters has prompted Colorado State University to reinstate men's baseball and two other sports which were discontinued at the end of the spring semester, CSU President Philip Austin announced today. To date, the group has raised more than $100,000 in cash contributions and pledges. "We are impressed by the fund-raising efforts of supporters of Colorado State baseball and women's golf and women's tennis," Austin said. "Cash contributions and pledges solicited by the group have convinced us the money is now in place to reinstate these programs."
June 4, 1989
The tally is in, showing that a record-breaking $600,000--more than double 1988's total--was collected during this year's Los Angeles Marathon by the Celebrity Running Team, captained by Jack Scalia and sponsored by Great Earth Europlex. The pledges, raised by about 100 actors, athletes and other celebrities, will be distributed among the marathon's 26 official charities.
December 30, 1985 | From Associated Press
A weekend telethon for the United Negro College Fund raised more than $6 million in pledges, about $2 million less than last year's telethon, a spokesman said today. The event, which featured a telephone call from President Reagan, an appearance by the Rev. Jesse Jackson and performances by such entertainers as Bill Cosby, Diahann Carroll, Ben Vereen and B. B. King, brought in $603,000 from Los Angeles-area viewers alone, spokesman Mike Haynes said.
October 18, 1986
"Million Minutes for Peace," a crusade to promote world peace through prayer, concludes today with celebrations worldwide, including one at the Hollywood Bowl. The free ceremony at 2 p.m. in the bowl will feature actor Dennis Weaver, singer Della Reese and a variety of musical groups, including the International Children's Choir. Three-thousand balloons with peace messages attached and hundreds of white birds will be released during the ceremony.
January 24, 1987 | JEFF MEYERS
Everybody remembers those crazy hazing days of yore in college fraternities. Poor pledges were forced to swallow goldfish, chug large quantities of beer and perform other acts of insanity that wound up getting a few of them killed. In the spirit of today's more civilized college youth, the Sigma Chis at Cal State Northridge have come up with an alternative to Hell Week. Call it Heck Week.
June 8, 2011 | By Charlotte Allen
"No means yes, and yes means anal!" That was the chant of Delta Kappa Epsilon pledges as they marched past dorms housing freshman women at Yale University last October. As a result, the fraternity was recently banned from all campus activities for five years. The hazing ritual was in poor taste, certainly. But did the fraternity really deserve to be suspended? Weren't the "Dekes" guilty of, at the very worst, the kind of offensive speech protected by the 1st Amendment (or in Yale's case, by the university's 1975 codification of rights of free speech and expression on its campus)
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