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Police Vehicles

January 23, 2002 | From Times Wire Reports
Hooded demonstrators attacked government buildings in the southern Jordanian city of Maan in protest of the alleged police torture of a youth who later died, witnesses said. They said riot police fired tear gas at scores of protesters who gathered after the funeral of 15-year-old Suleiman Ahmad Fanatsheh, converged on the main police station, fired shotguns at police vehicles and set fire to the building. Police have denied torturing Fanatsheh, who had been arrested on robbery charges.
November 11, 1997 | From Times Wire Reports
Popular anger over corruption and land ownership boiled over during the weekend in a predominantly Roman Catholic region in the south, as thousands of people clashed with police. In a rare case of serious rural troubles, residents and officials in Dong Nai province detailed a series of incidents after protests that began Friday in an area about 80 miles northeast of Ho Chi Minh City. By Saturday, thousands of residents were demonstrating, prompting riot police to intervene.
A 34-year-old Villa Park woman rammed her car into a Tustin police cruiser Saturday evening, then led officers on a brief chase that ended in a collision involving three police vehicles, authorities said. Officers were responding to a call of a disturbance around 6 p.m. at the Revere House restaurant, owned by Tustin Councilman Mike Doyle, when a police car was suddenly struck by a vehicle driven by Cynthia Louise Writer, said Tustin Police Sgt. Del Pickney.
May 31, 1992 | AURIANA KOUTNIK
The Pierce College Campus Police will have an easier job enforcing traffic regulations if a proposal for traditional blue uniforms and black-and-white vehicles is approved by Donald C. Phelps, chancellor of the Los Angeles Community College District. Campus Police Capt. Ken Renolds said the khaki uniforms currently worn by the officers and the all-white police vehicles often cause officers to be mistaken for security guards.
The FBI launched an investigation Monday into the fatal shooting of two robbery suspects by the Los Angeles Police Department's controversial Special Investigations Section. Earlier in the day, a preliminary autopsy report found that the two men were shot in the back. Assistant U.S. Atty. Michael J. Gennaco said he asked for the federal probe into Saturday's shooting to determine whether the officers violated the suspects' civil rights or used excessive force.
November 5, 1997 | LESLEY WRIGHT
Flush with nearly $300,000 from a state grant to improve law enforcement, the Police Department will hire several specialists, including a full-time gunsmith. The windfall comes from the Legislature's Citizens' Option for Public Safety programs, which are giving $100 million to police and sheriff's departments across the state. The law mandates that the funds be used to supplement front-line law enforcement, according to department officials.
July 16, 1995
Placing ads on Oxnard police cars is a great idea. I can see it now. Right next to "Protect and Serve" would be "Fred's Bail Bonds" and "Beat Your Traffic Ticket! Call 1-800-LAWYER." Of course, once you allow ads, you can't discriminate. Thus, we might see our police car bumpers festooned with "Impeach the Mayor," "Free Charles Manson" and "Elmo's All-Nude Dance Parlor." But why stop there? Why not let sponsors buy complete police cars? Then we could have police vehicles festooned like NASCAR racers.
March 15, 1988 | Associated Press
About 10,000 protesters marched through the streets of this Communist capital today calling for democracy and freedom of the press. Dozens of police patrols passed by, but authorities made no attempt to hinder the unofficial protest, which came on the anniversary of Hungary's aborted 1848 revolution against Austria. Protesters carried signs that read "We Want Democracy" and "We Want Freedom of the Press" and chanted anti-government slogans.
March 20, 1986 | United Press International
Portland Police Chief Penny Harrington carried her war against smoking a step further Wednesday by announcing that all applicants for jobs with the Police Bureau must pledge never to touch tobacco, on or off duty. The policy, which goes into effect July 1, comes two months after Harrington attempted to ban smoking and chewing tobacco in all police vehicles and offices, a rule temporarily stymied by a union protest. The new hiring policy also brought a protest from the Portland Police Assn.
January 25, 2014 | By Amro Hassan
CAIRO -- Before Jan. 25, 2011, I rarely spent time in Tahrir Square. For me, like millions of other Cairenes, it was no more than a busy downtown traffic hub you'd pass through on the way to somewhere else. So it still seems surreal to recall the first protest against longtime ruler Hosni Mubarak three years ago - and the cascade of events that have taken place in the square since I was there that day reporting for the Los Angeles Times. Police easily dispersed that initial gathering of a few hundred protesters on Jan. 25, and I remember wandering around an almost empty square late that afternoon, trying to find an open eatery.
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