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October 11, 1987
Policemen are usually intensely over-focused on the pursuit of prostitutes. Freud would suggest that, since they are mostly virile young men, they naturally find chasing these girls to be much more interesting than their other duties. A perfect case in point is the mock bachelor party staged by 19, that's right, 19 policemen and detectives from Santa Ana, Irvine and Newport Beach to trap two strippers. The large number involved clearly demonstrates that the primary objective of this exercise was fun--not law enforcement.
September 18, 1987
The parties sponsoring this ad, and their failure to accept responsibility for those who use firearms, are the reason we need policemen in the first place! HOWARD B. ANDREEN Camarillo
January 4, 1987 | From Reuters
Three road workers and two policemen died in blizzards in the southwestern province of Chahar-Mahall and Bakhtiari, the newspaper Islamic Republic reported Saturday.
July 19, 1986
Two traffic policemen and two factory workers died after drinking antifreeze they had stolen from an elderly woman, thinking it was home-brewed alcohol, Tass news agency reported Friday.
June 15, 1985
We've all been Jarvisized and Reaganized. Heaven forbid we should tax ourselves a few bucks for 1,000 policemen. But eventually, we'll all pay. WALTER LONNER Van Nuys
June 10, 1987 | From Reuters
A mayor campaigning for reelection in a village in northeast Spain and three of his friends narrowly escaped death when police opened fire on them after mistaking them for armed criminals. Bertomeu Plana told reporters that he and three other men were putting up posters outside a bank Tuesday night when they were approached by two plainclothes policemen.
August 14, 1992
It seems that the four Los Angeles policemen involved in the Rodney King affair are bound to be punished, one way or another ("U.S. Files Civil Rights Charges Against 4 Officers in King Case," Aug. 6). First, there was the state prosecution, the outcome of which did not satisfy the mob. Now, the politically inspired federal prosecution, after insults and threats against the Ventura County jurors and the riots after their verdict have warned all future jurors to convict. In the unlikely event of a federal acquittal, maybe the policemen could be prosecuted by some other government under the doctrine of universal jurisdiction that was announced in the Demjanjuk and other cases, whereby every nation has jurisdiction to punish alleged human rights violations committed anywhere.
April 4, 1985 | Associated Press
Rafael Caro Quintero, a prime suspect in the kidnap-murder of American narcotics agent Enrique Camarena Salazar, was detained in Costa Rica and efforts are proceeding for his extradition, the Mexican attorney general's office announced today. Office spokesman Francisco Fonseca said Florentino Ventura, chief of the Interpol group in Mexico, left today for Costa Rica to head the investigation. Camarena, 37, a special agent for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, was kidnaped Feb.
July 12, 1992
I believe as a homeowner that property taxes should pay for services directly related to property--such services as fire and police protection. A broader tax base should pay for welfare, education, etc. I will therefore support Mayor Tom Bradley's initiative to provide additional taxes for 1,000 more policemen. But hold on: Do we pay policemen a $100,000 yearly salary? $100 million for 1,000 officers equates to $100,000 each. I.C. BEHRENDT Los Angeles
March 23, 2008 | From Times Wire Reports
More than 100 Kurdish demonstrators and 10 policemen were injured and more than 160 Kurds detained across southeastern Turkey when police broke up New Year's celebrations, security sources said. More than 60 Kurdish demonstrators and two policemen were injured in fighting in Van after security forces tried to disperse a crowd of nearly 10,000 Kurds celebrating the Nowruz festival and shouting slogans supporting a banned separatist group. In Siirt, 32 demonstrators and eight police were injured after police tried to disperse a group of 3,000.
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