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As with vastly more important things, the riots of 1992 had deep psychic effects on L.A. night life, plunging some clubbers into the dark-minded excesses of after-hours drug dens. What better way, then, to ring in a new era than with an upbeat, old-school, hands-in-the-air, whistles-and-glow-sticks rave. It was good to see L.A.'
April 2, 1994 | From Associated Press
The sight of a hummingbird is such a delight that certain plants are worth growing for the sole purpose of attracting it. Hummingbirds' favorite food is floral nectar. Flowers that yield their nectar to hummingbirds do ask for something in return--that the hummingbirds pollinate the blossoms. Such ornithophilous (bird-pollinated) flowers have little need for insect pollinators, which are attracted to blue flowers.
June 24, 1993 | ROBERT POLLIN, Robert Pollin teaches economics at UC Riverside. This article is excerpted from the July 12 issue of the Nation. and
Nothing so clearly demonstrates the Clinton Administration's capacity for getting things wrong on the economy than its apparent decision to make military conversion a footnote to its deficit-cutting agenda. By July 1, the Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission will present Bill Clinton with its final recommendations for boarding up military bases across the country.
October 4, 1992 | ROBERT POLLIN, Robert Pollin teaches economics at UC Riverside
Ross Perot's program for closing the federal deficit as a means of restoring the country's economic health has already achieved the improbable--it has pulled Perot himself back from disgrace and restored him as a formidable political force. But two miracles are more than one should expect from a single economic program. Perot's plan, and variations thereof being pushed by such figures as Sen. Warren B. Rudman (R-N.H.
August 22, 1992 | RICK DU BROW
It is one of television's most blatant trends, and it is everywhere. An NBC source calls it the "cross-pollination" of news and entertainment departments. It is deflowering some once-proud bastions of TV news. Sample: On KNBC-TV Channel 4, the 11 p.m. news shamelessly compromises itself by shilling for the upcoming shows of Jay Leno and David Letterman. Sample: NBC cut back its political convention coverage this summer but had Tom Brokaw file witty news reports back to Leno on "The Tonight Show."
July 15, 1992 | ROBERT POLLIN, Robert Pollin , an associate professor of economics at UC Riverside , is the author of the monograph "Deeper Debt: The Changing Financial Condition of U.S. Households" (1990). and
The dismal economic news--that the unemployment rate rose from 7.5% to 7.8% nationally and from 8.7% to 9.8% in California between May and June, and that the state is now reduced to issuing IOUs--makes clear that recovery from the recession has been stalled, if not reversed. This recession, which began in July, 1990, was already the longest of the post-World War II period. Without dramatic policy actions to reverse the current trends, it will almost surely stretch into a third year.
Gloomy skies over Ventura County can often hinder more than just a sun worshiper's chance to enjoy a day at the beach. For farmers, those humdrum days can sometimes pose big problems. Such is the case for the local avocado industry. When a warming sun failed to burn through a pall of gray last spring, many tiny would-be blossoms were never coaxed into opening, the first step in the avocado's 14-month-long growth process.
May 26, 1992 | ROBERT POLLIN, Robert Pollin, an associate professor of economics at UC Riverside, is economics spokesperson for the Brown presidential campaign
One crippling feature of our sound-bite political culture is the speed with which issues rise and fall in the media's consciousness. I have been immunized against this normal cycle during the recent political season because, about six weeks ago, Edmund G. (Jerry) Brown asked me to re-examine his ideas on tax reform and the chorus of criticism against them.
May 26, 1992 | From Associated Press
First there were the killer bees. Now there are the bee killers. Parasitic mites are attacking the U.S. honeybee population, killing wild bees, threatening fruit and vegetable pollination and forcing beekeepers to launch expensive counterattacks. The mites, first detected in the 1980s, have been found in bee colonies in 36 states, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said.
January 27, 1991 | Bill Sidnam
QUESTION: My 7-year-old cherimoya tree looks healthy but has not produced much fruit. I fertilize and water it regularly. What can I do to have more fruit? ANSWER: To get good fruit production, cherimoya trees need hand-pollination. Beginning in June, pollen should be removed with a small paintbrush from the male portion of the flowers, which are fully open in the afternoon. Store the pollen in the refrigerator.
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