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August 31, 2006 | From Times Wire Reports
Polygamist sect leader Warren Jeffs will be prosecuted first in Utah, then in Arizona, on charges that he arranged marriages of underage girls to older men, authorities said in Salt Lake City. Utah prosecutors agreed to try Jeffs first because they believed they had a stronger case and more serious charges, including two counts of rape by accomplice, which accuse Jeffs of forcing a girl to marry an older man and submit to him sexually.
August 20, 2006 | From the Associated Press
Calling their lives blessed, more than a dozen young women and girls from polygamous families in Utah spoke at a rally Saturday, calling for a change in state laws and the right to the religion and lifestyle they choose. "Because of our beliefs, many of our people have been incarcerated and had their basic human rights stripped of them -- namely, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness," said a 19-year-old identified only as Tyler.
July 28, 2006 | From Times Wire Reports
A nephew of fugitive polygamist church leader Warren Jeffs has been jailed on contempt charges in Arizona -- the sixth person connected to Jeffs to refuse to answer questions before a federal grand jury. Officials at the Central Arizona Detention Facility in Florence said Benjamin Jeffs Nielsen, 25, was booked July 14. Jeffs has been on the FBI's 10 Most Wanted list since May. Subpoenas were first served in January on some Jeffs family members.
June 11, 2006 | From Times Wire Reports
Arizona's attorney general believes fugitive polygamist leader Warren Jeffs recently returned to perform more marriages involving underage girls in Colorado City, Ariz., his church's community along the Utah-Arizona state line. Atty. Gen. Terry Goddard told a Salt Lake City newspaper that he plans to meet with FBI officials Monday about the case.
May 16, 2006
Re "The Enclave," two-part series, May 12 and 13 It is absolutely beyond belief that the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has been able to flout the law with seeming impunity from serious prosecution. The Latter-day Saints church based in Salt Lake City bears a substantial burden as it relates to ridding this area of the misdeeds of these FLDS elders who, after all, practice the mainstream Mormon religion as it was practiced by the larger church until the 1890s.
May 7, 2006 | From Times Wire Reports
The FBI placed polygamist church leader Warren Jeffs on its 10 most-wanted list, hoping the additional exposure and reward money lead to an arrest in the long-running investigation. Jeffs, 50, is the leader of the pro-polygamy Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, based in the state-line towns of Hildale, Utah, and Colorado City, Ariz. He is wanted in Arizona on criminal charges of sexual conduct with a minor and has been charged in Utah with rape as an accomplice.
March 10, 2006 | Robert Lloyd, Times Staff Writer
"BIG LOVE," which premieres Sunday on HBO, is the network's latest quirky-family series, a sort of "melodramedy" about a man, his three wives and their seven kids (and his toxic parents and in-laws). Bill Paxton is the man, and Jeanne Tripplehorn, Chloe Sevigny and Ginnifer Goodwin are his wives, which makes him not just a lucky man but a lucky actor.
February 25, 2006 | From Associated Press
A judge with three wives was ordered removed from the bench by the Utah Supreme Court on Friday. The court unanimously agreed with the findings of the state's Judicial Conduct Commission, which recommended the removal of Judge Walter K. Steed for violating the state's bigamy law. Steed said he was disappointed with the decision.
October 16, 2005 | From Times Wire Reports
A prominent polygamist and his wife have surrendered their parental rights to two teenage daughters whose abuse allegations triggered a lengthy custody battle with the state. The girls, 17 and 14, are in foster care and have expressed a desire to be adopted. Their parents, John Daniel Kingston and Heidi Mattingly, signed orders relinquishing their rights to the teens. The couple has nine other children, all of whom are in Mattingly's custody.
August 7, 2005 | Diane Winston, Diane Winston, Knight professor of media and religion at USC, can be reached at
OK, CLASS, question for the day: Is the Pope Catholic? Oops, my bad. Let's start again: Are Mormons Christian? If you asked the protesters picketing the recent opening of a new Mormon temple in Newport Beach, the answer would be "no." "Have a nice day," yelled one demonstrator. "It's going to cost you your soul." It's been a while since the world's fate seemed to hinge so thoroughly on what people think of each others' religious beliefs.
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