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April 12, 1987 | DAVID DEVOSS, David DeVoss is a Los Angeles Times Magazine staff writer.
ACROSS THE PACIFIC OCEAN, a never-ending war of maneuver is under way. It is a three-dimensional struggle--under sea, on the water and in the air--that pits the U.S. Navy against a Soviet fleet three times its size. The prize is control over half the world's surface. The weapons are multimillion-dollar ships and planes, as well as a vast array of sophisticated electronics that could provide the winning advantage if a conflict between the superpowers ever erupts.
May 27, 1985 | JOHN M. WILSON, Wilson is a local free - lance writer and instructor with the UCLA Extension Writer's Program
Six years ago, Joanne Winkler's life resembled the stuff of lush paperback novels and Laundromat fantasies. She was married to an insurance executive, a pillar of the community. They belonged to an exclusive country club, golfed regularly, attended and threw lavish parties, lived in a view house atop the Hollywood Hills. Roland, their older son, then 19, was rebellious but had his mother's forceful personality and striking blond looks.
May 14, 1995 | Jaclyn Easton, Jaclyn Easton is the host of "Log On U.S.A.," which airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. and Sundays at 1 p.m. on KIEV-AM 870.
Anyone who remembers the first-generation video games such as Pong and Pac-Man will appreciate how far the video game revolution has evolved. Perhaps there's no better evidence of this than in the Internet Usenet discussion groups. At last count more than a dozen groups were devoted exclusively to video gaming. Here's a sampling: If you are addicted to what are now considered ancient games, such as Donkey Kong and Asteroids, you can find companionship at .
September 17, 1990 | LEONARD FEATHER
The Aldeberts, pianist Louis and his vocalist wife Monique, continue to display their unique brand of Gallic charm on the local scene. Friday evening they were at Drake's Restaurant in Glendale. The evening began with Louis Aldebert noodling quietly at a Yamaha electric keyboard. Monique moved to her mike about 20 minutes later to offer a laid-back treatment of "You Must Believe in Spring" by Michel Legrand, using the English lyrics by the Bergmans.
September 7, 1988 | MARIANN HANSEN, Times Staff Writer
When 6-foot, 230-pound Ron Whitlock walks into a gym, clad in sweats and his athletic bag slung over his shoulder, people assume he is a wrestler, a boxer or a weightlifter. "People say to me, 'I thought you'd be a boxer,' or something like that. I say, 'No, but imagine what I can do to a Ping-Pong ball,' " said the 43-year-old detective in charge of officer training for the Orange Police Department.
January 15, 1988 | TERRY SPENCER, Times Staff Writer
The back streets near Compton are a long way from Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo, Budapest and other places where table tennis is a major sport. But nestled on one of those streets near the western edge of town is the home of James D. West, who assembles customized paddles that have earned him a loyal following among Southern California's circle of about 500 serious table tennis players. "I would like to feel it's because I'm good," West said.
January 5, 1986 | JANNY SCOTT, Times Staff Writer
For two years Ramon Corona has fretted about his "fluff pile," the gloomy slag heap of ground-up upholstery, floor mats, batteries and other debris left over from shredding crushed cars at his Pacific Steel Co. in National City. First, state health officials decided fluff was hazardous. So environmental officials stopped allowing shredders like Corona to dump it in city or county landfills. When officials then designated special landfills to solve the problem, the landfill operators balked.
September 6, 2007 | Mark Sachs
IN 2005, Dan Fogler wowed Broadway audiences with his show-stopping performance in "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee," for which he nabbed a Tony Award. Since then, and despite somewhat unconventional looks, he's been adopted by Hollywood, starring in the just-released comedy "Balls of Fury" as ping-pong legend Randy Daytona, and as comic support in the upcoming "Good Luck Chuck," with Jessica Alba (Sept. 21).
October 3, 2013 | By David Wharton
Golf isn't the only game at the President's Cup this week. Over the years, members of the American squad have shared a passion for ping-pong, spending their off-time battling each other on a table in the team room. Matt Kuchar is considered the best among them, but now Phil Mickelson is getting some help. "There were some reports that I took some lessons for pong prior to this tournament, and those reports would be correct," Mickelson said from Muirfield Village, where Cup play began on Thursday.
March 27, 2013 | By Jay Jones
Travel + Leisure magazine has selected Ping Pang Pong of Las Vegas in its new list of best Chinese restaurants in the United States . The restaurant, inside the Gold Coast Casino -- on Flamingo Road across from the Palms resort -- opened in 2001. It quickly became a favorite with the local Asian community, despite its location just a few blocks south of Sin City's Chinatown, with its bevy of eateries. Not surprisingly, several restaurants in the L.A. area also made the list (Din Tai Fung Dumpling House, Sea Harbour Restaurant, Chung King)
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