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After crashing her white Corvette and injuring her much-glorified face on the way home from another night of hard partying, Shannon Wilsey sent a friend out to walk her Rottweiler, Daisy, and then shot herself in the head. For the 23-year-old sex video superstar known as Savannah, it was the most outrageous act in a short but outrage-filled public life.
January 29, 2014 | By The Times editorial board
When she was 8 years old, a Pennsylvania girl identified only as Amy was raped repeatedly by an uncle, who compounded the crime by photographing the encounters - some of which involved acts ordered up by consumers of child pornography - and sending the images out over the Internet. More than 70,000 copies have been found on various confiscated computers. The uncle went to prison in 1998 and was ordered to pay $6,325 in restitution to cover Amy's psychological treatment at the time, which helped her heal from the trauma.
When 43-year-old porn actor Tyce Bune goes to work these days, he makes sure to pack something extra in his briefcase along with the usual script and change of clothes: a vial of Viagra tablets. On a typical day, when filming can stretch on for 14 hours, Bune will strip down and have sex in front of a camera crew as many as three times. During busy times, he might work five days a week.
January 22, 2014 | By David G. Savage
WASHINGTON - A Pennsylvania girl known in court papers only as Amy was sexually abused by an uncle when she was 8. He went to prison, but not before circulating pictures of the rape on the Internet. Fifteen years after the abuse, law enforcement investigators have found more than 70,000 images of Amy's assault on computers seized around the world. One was a laptop owned by Doyle Paroline, a Texas man who pleaded guilty to downloading child pornography and was sentenced to two years in prison.
April 21, 1991
Pornography hurts all of us. Pornography is a central facet of women's oppression. Maintaining sexual access to women is the core motivation in patriarchy. Sex is the basic motivation for the suppression of women, unlike racism, whose basic motivation is economic. There is no doubt that pornography is often used in child molestations. It is also 100% accurate to say that pornography is a major source of information on sexuality for children. Anyone who has grown up in this society knows that viewing pornography begins at an early age. This fact is disturbing not only because children are very impressionable but because pornography is full of misinformation about sex and about women.
February 12, 1986
I wish to commend Father Wood on his article. I was glad to see that there are others in the world who see the seriousness of the problem of pornography. Father Wood correctly assesses the disparity of this problem and shatters the idea that pornography is not a matter of concern. He has obviously researched this topic well and his awareness of the ugly reality of pornography is readily apparent. I hope Father Wood's article has an effect on the public apathy and ignorance that provides for the spread of pornography.
May 11, 1986
For decades adult magazines have contained not only pictures of adults but ideas for adults--politically and morally challenging ideas. The Playboy magazine interviews of Jimmy Carter, philosopher Ayn Rand, and political speech writer Karl Hess are what the Meese Commission is banning when it tries to keep Playboy off our magazine racks. Pornography seems to have little to do with it. The commission is not spending its time on back-alley perversions or kiddie porn. It's campaigning against slick-paper, popular circulation magazines that have pictures of healthy women and articles on an intellectual level--a level much higher than the Meese Commission's.
December 11, 2013 | By Morgan Little
WASHINGTON - A senior aide to Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of possessing and distributing child pornography. Law enforcement officials took Ryan Loskarn, chief of staff in Alexander's Washington office, into custody after seizing evidence in his home. Loskarn was scheduled to be arraigned Thursday. Alexander said he was "stunned, surprised and disappointed. " "I was just informed by United States Senate legal counsel's office that law enforcement agents are conducting a search of the personal residence of Ryan Loskarn, the chief of staff of my Washington, D.C., office regarding allegations involving child pornography," Alexander said in a statement.
May 16, 2013 | By Tony Perry
SAN DIEGO -- A San Diego teacher pleaded guilty Thursday to five counts of possessing child pornography, which could bring a prison sentence between 35 years and life. Timothy James Hensley, 39, a science teacher at Bell Middle School, pleaded guilty to receiving images of a 10-year-old girl and other minors "in sexually explicit conduct. " No evidence suggests the images were those of his students, according to court documents. Hensley is set to be sentenced Aug. 12 in San Diego federal court.
May 8, 2013 | Stuart Pfeifer
A group of lawyers that made millions of dollars putting online viewers of pornographic films in the courtroom hot seat may soon be feeling the heat of federal investigators. U.S. District Judge Otis D. Wright II in Los Angeles found that Prenda Law Inc., four lawyers and related companies repeatedly deceived the court in a copyright infringement case and said that he would refer the matter to state and federal authorities. Wright said in a court order assessing $81,320 in legal fees and penalties that he would ask the U.S. attorney's office, the Internal Revenue Service and federal and state bar associations that oversee lawyer discipline to look into the Prenda operation.
April 4, 2013 | By Ingy Hassieb
CAIRO - Egypt's Islamist-controlled government said this week it is moving to block the country's access to pornography -- one website at a time. Sherif Hashem, deputy head of the national telecom regulatory authority, announced that the mechanism to implement a court-ordered ban on porn websites has been ready since January. Authorities must now list every website to be targeted. “There is no such thing as blocking such sites as a whole, but they must be specified,” Hashem told a Turkish news agency.
December 13, 2012 | By Michael Muskal
A former Eagle Scout who became a Boy Scout leader faces child pornography charges on Long Island, N.Y., officials said. Edward Orenchuk III of Garden City, has been arrested and charged with multiple felonies for possessing images of child pornography and making those images available to others via the Internet, Nassau County Dist. Atty. Kathleen Rice announced . Orenchuk was arrested and arraigned Wednesday, officials said. He is being held on $400,000 bond or $100,000 cash.
April 21, 2012 | By Richard Winton, Los Angeles Times
A nine-year veteran of the Long Beach Police Department has been arrested on suspicion of felony possession of child pornography after reportedly meeting a teenager while on patrol and soliciting explicit photographs of the youth through electronic messages, police said. Noe Yanez, 40, was taken into custody Thursday evening by Long Beach police after an investigation that began earlier this month. The alleged victim had told a school resources officer about the messages and authorities were alerted.
March 14, 2012 | By Phil Willon, Los Angeles Times
The FBI arrested a San Bernardino middle school teacher Tuesday on suspicion of child pornography for allegedly exchanging sexually explicit photographs with a 13-year-old girl in New Jersey. Eugene Ballantyne, 29, was taken into custody at his Running Springs home early Tuesday morning. Ballantyne told investigators that he also received sexually explicit pictures from a 15-year-old girl two years earlier and traveled 180 miles to have sex with a 17-year-old girl in July, according to a FBI affidavit filed in federal court.
January 8, 2012 | By Dawn C. Chmielewski, Los Angeles Times
In his private journal, Jason Michael Handy once described himself as a "pedophile, full blown. " Handy snapped more than 1,000 photos of girls at the elementary school across the street from his house, using a camera with a telephoto lens, according to court documents. He volunteered at a Malibu church, where he worked with 6-year-olds. And his job as a production assistant at one of the nation's most prominent producers of children's television programs, Nickelodeon, gave him access to child actors on and off the set, and allowed him to exchange email addresses and phone numbers with them.
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