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Power Failures

October 24, 1995 | from Times Wire Services
Heavy snow driven by wind blowing up to 56 brought blizzard conditions to parts of the Plains on Monday, closing highways, shutting schools and causing blackouts. Wet, clinging snow and ice combined with the wind to break power lines and black out Colby, Kan., a town of about 5,300 people, for several hours. Several towns in north-central Nebraska also saw brief power outages.
May 20, 1994 | PEGGY Y. LEE
An underground electrical connection and a cable terminal failed in two separate outages Wednesday evening and Thursday morning, cutting off power to 4,300 customers in the Ventura and Oxnard areas, officials said. Mike Montoya, area manager for Southern California Edison, said the first outage occurred about 8 p.m., affecting about 800 customers in parts of east Ventura and Oxnard and causing traffic signals at Victoria Avenue and the Ventura Freeway to malfunction for most of Thursday.
February 25, 1989
A power failure Friday morning at the Fletcher Oil refinery in Carson produced large flames and a billowing cloud of black smoke that was visible for miles. Company Vice President Richard D. Erdman said the power outage knocked out controls on a refinery unit and excess gases were burned off through a flare, sending flames soaring 80 to 90 feet into the air. "It was rather spectacular because it went straight up," Erdman said.
March 15, 1989
Rail commuters faced major delays on Amtrak's early morning trains through Orange County on Tuesday after a power failure caused switches to fail between San Diego and San Juan Capistrano. One southbound train and one northbound train were affected, Amtrak officials said. Mike Monte, an Amtrak reservation sales agent, said that without the switches the trains had to reduce speed to 20 m.p.h. for safety. Normally the trains travel 65 to 70 m.p.h.
Channel 9 viewers and KLAC listeners were left in the dark by technical difficulties at the worst possible time during the Lakers' double-overtime loss to the Utah Jazz on Monday night. With six seconds left in regulation and the score tied 81-81, Utah's John Stockton was falling out of bounds trying to call a timeout. At that exact moment, everything went blank. Channel 9 was without a picture for about 12 minutes, from approximately 7:50 to 8:02 p.m.
September 17, 1988
City firefighters had to force open elevator doors to release trapped passengers at the Century Plaza, and shoppers in stores, diners and hotel guests suddenly found themselves groping in the dark at the dinner hour Friday night when a major power outage struck the Century City area, authorities said. The outage affected the main portion of the Century Plaza and 40 other businesses in the upscale shopping and business area.
October 7, 1987 | DAVID FERRELL and NIESON HIMMEL, Times Staff Writers
More than four square miles of downtown Los Angeles, including 30 of the city's tallest office towers, lost electrical power most of Tuesday morning after a massive pre-dawn fire exploded through a city utility station, officials reported. The blackout, considered one of the worst ever downtown, tied up commuter traffic and brought the city's financial center to a virtual standstill, leaving thousands of employees milling outside darkened office buildings.
August 15, 2003 | Nancy Rivera Brooks and Nancy Vogel, Times Staff Writers
The cascading power outages in the Northeast on Thursday underscore what energy experts have been warning about for years: The system can go down anywhere at any time. Years of neglected investment in the vast and antiquated network that moves electricity around the country -- combined with steadily growing power needs -- have left the nation's electricity grid vulnerable to disruptions, analysts say. "If people think there is a bullet-proof electrical system, they are mistaken," said Carl R.
May 15, 1989 | From United Press International
A high-voltage power line failure caused a blackout at the Kentucky State Reformatory, forcing officials to put the state's largest prison on lock-down status, authorities said. No one was reported injured in the blackout Saturday. Power was later restored to most inmate dormitories, but appliances and equipment requiring 220-volt power still could not be used, authorities said.
June 14, 1986 | MIKE PENNER, Times Staff Writer
The Anaheim Stadium lights, taking a cue from the Angels' offense, blacked out Friday night. The lights, after a 38-minute delay, came back on. The Angels never did. Those 38 minutes proved to be the Angels' best moments during a 10-2 loss to the Kansas City Royals before a crowd of 35,992. It was the only time all evening the Royals went a such a long time without scoring. Kansas City led, 5-0, before the power outage. Less than two innings after the lights were restored, it was 10-0.
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