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May 19, 1991
In response to "Justices Prohibit Prayer at Public School Rites," front page, May 7: Let's be consistent. If we strike prayer from graduation exercises because it violates the principle of separation of church and state, then let's get rid of the God-talk in other public places (we would never want to be judged for referring to the creator in public). How about "In Us We Trust" on our coins? and "We Bless America" and " . . . one nation under our political leaders with liberty and justice for all"?
November 24, 2001 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
La Casa de Maria Retreat and Conference Center will host an interfaith day of prayer from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. today at 801 Ladera Lane, Santa Barbara. The theme of the conference will be "Celebrating Our Common Ground." The event will feature representatives of many religions discussing prayer according to their faiths.
May 23, 2005
In reading "Far-Off Healing" [May 2], I could not help but think about the old Peanuts comic strip in which Linus and Charlie Brown ponder one of faith's imponderables, how many angels fit on the head of a pin, the answer being "10 if they are skinny and 5 if they are fat." Trying to gauge the effect of "distant prayer efforts" of one faith or another seems to be just that. We will never know the answer, and I doubt that, in looking closely, a "scientific study" will be able to say much one way or the other.
December 24, 2000
Last Tuesday, I attended a meeting of the Ventura County Board of Supervisors to support the living wage proposal. First, we were invited to join in prayer. However, the gentleman offering the invocation seemed not to understand where he was and why he was there. Instead of inviting all present to join in a spirit of cooperation by calling upon their own God or higher power for guidance during the proceedings, he subjected us to a mini-sermon extolling the virtues of accepting Jesus Christ.
April 11, 2013 | By Emily Alpert
Israeli police detained five women for wearing prayer shawls at the Western Wall on Thursday, days after a new proposal emerged to set aside part of the holy site for men and women to pray together. Female worshippers at the sacred site are barred from performing religious rituals that Orthodox Jewish religious authorities say are solely for men. Women have repeatedly been detained for violating those rules, a continuing clash between the Orthodox rabbis who steer Israeli religious institutions and more liberal strains of Judaism in which women can use prayer shawls and lead congregations as rabbis.
August 27, 2013 | By Batsheva Sobelman
JERUSALEM -- The completion of a new prayer area at the Western Wall, where men and women of all denominations can worship together, is drawing criticism from female activists who describe the arrangement as anything but inclusive. The area consists of a raised platform located just south of the main plaza and the Orthodox Jewish prayer sections, which are segregated by gender. Minister Naftali Bennett, who is in charge of religious services, said Sunday that the prayer section will offer unity and peace at the wall, which he said "belongs to all Jews in the world, and not one stream or another.
August 14, 2013 | By Catherine Saillant
A long-running legal dispute over the use of a Hancock Park home as an Orthodox Jewish prayer house ended Wednesday with the city of Los Angeles agreeing to pay $950,000 in attorney fees and costs to settle the case. The Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously to pay lawyers representing Congregation Etz Chaim in the case involving a residential property at 3 rd Street and Highland Avenue. Synagogue leaders sued the city in 2010, challenging its denial of a conditional use permit to use the enlarged home as a religious sanctuary.
June 9, 1991 | From Associated Press
The Presbyterian Church adopted a historic statement of faith Saturday that places sexual equality and environmental concerns into the official church canon. Commissioners to the 203rd General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) voted, 412 to 40, to place "A Brief Statement of Faith" in the church's Book of Confessions, alongside such documents as the 4th-Century Nicene Creed and the 16th-Century Heidelberg Catechism. After the vote, they stood up and cheered.
August 5, 2011 | By Michael A. Memoli
One week before the first major test of the 2012 campaign, a Republican heavyweight who for now stands on the sidelines is making an appeal of a different sort. Texas Gov. Rick Perry will be under the spotlight Saturday as he hosts "The Response: A call to prayer for a nation in crisis. " "There is hope for America. It lies in heaven, and we will find it on our knees," Perry writes on the website for the event. Perry is hosting the gathering along with the American Family Assn.
December 30, 2011 | By Amina Khan, Los Angeles Times / For the Booster Shots blog
Bill Maher's tweet mocking Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow's faith might be rebounding. Although the "Real Time With Bill Maher" host would not be the first celebrity to poke fun at the outspokenly religious Tebow, his comment on Twitter after the Broncos lost to the Buffalo Bills this weekend -- "Wow, Jesus just f----- #TimTebow bad! And on Xmas Eve! Somewhere in hell Satan is tebowing, saying to Hitler 'Hey, Buffalo's killing them'" -- is gaining attention for perhaps being the crudest.
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