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October 30, 2013 | By Carol J. Williams
The global incidence of girls under 18 giving birth has declined steadily for decades, but with 7.3 million children born to teenage mothers each year, the costs to their health and society remain staggering, according to a U.N. population study released Wednesday. In the State of World Population 2013 , the world body observes that 95% of the teens giving birth each year live in the developing world, where access to birth control and protections against early marriage and sexual violence are weakest.
September 24, 2013 | By Karen Kaplan
What's cuter than a panda cub? Fourteen cubs sharing an oversized crib at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in China. Researchers wearing blue surgical gowns, hairnets and face masks presented the furry cubs to the world Tuesday as they gave an update on the recent panda baby boom. A total of 20 cubs were born to pandas from the research base between July 10 and Aug. 30, according to Huang Xiangming, chief of the animal management division there. Seventeen of those cubs are still alive, Huang told the China Daily newspaper.
September 6, 2013 | By Nardine Saad
Jessica Simpson was among this year's high-profile ladies with overly documented pregnancies, and she's comparing her nine months of baby growing to that of Kim Kardashian and the former Kate Middleton. The 33-year-old "Fashion Star" mentor was often ridiculed for her weight gain before becoming pregnant with her first child, Maxwell, 15 months. Simpson, who is engaged to football player Eric Johnson, later signed on as a spokeswoman for Weight Watchers to lose the weight. The gig was cut short when she announced that she was pregnant with her second child, a boy named Ace Knute who was born June 30. PHOTOS: Hollywood baby boom "I am definitely one of those pregnant women who just gains a lot of weight," Simpson told Us Weekly.
August 24, 2013 | By Glenn Whipp
"Homeland's" Morena Baccarin found out she was pregnant before shooting the show's upcoming third season. She thought the timing would be right, figuring that the Brody family would be a smaller part of the story line, what with the good sergeant (Damian Lewis) being a wanted man and all. It turns out that the Brodys will be an integral part of the upcoming season. But as the Emmy-nominated Baccarin reveals in this video chat, her pregnancy didn't turn out to be a problem, thanks to the magic of post-production and the show's very understanding producers.
August 23, 2013 | By Nardine Saad
Jennifer Love Hewitt is back on Twitter and ready to talk pregnancy. "The Client List" star announced her pregnancy and subsequent engagement to costar Brian Hallisay in June. The curvy starlet then took a self-inflicted Twitter hiatus in early July after she received a lot of "negativity" following her big news. "Unfortunately with all the negativity people choose to send on twitter as well as threats to there own well being. I'm sad to say twitter is No longer for me. I have enjoyed all the kindness and love that came my way, as well as support.
July 13, 2013 | By Stephen Ceasar, Los Angeles Times
Frank Mariano walked up the block and made a right turn toward a group of carefree teenage boys who spent the muggy summer day in Koreatown skateboarding and checking their phones for text messages. Frank approached the youths - who eyed him with puzzled looks - but then the 16-year-old pushed a stroller into the playground where he would spend the afternoon with Anabell, his 1-year-old daughter. Frank would later leave the toddler with her 17-year-old mother and head to Children's Hospital Los Angeles to meet with two dozen other fathers - between the ages of 14 and 25 - to discuss their shared struggles and to learn skills to help ease their lives.
May 19, 2013 | By Geoffrey Mohan, Los Angeles Times
African clawed frogs were first brought to California decades ago to help doctors figure out whether their patients were pregnant. After new technology made those pregnancy tests obsolete, the creatures were let loose, and thrived for decades in the state's drainage ditches and ponds. Now there are signs that the proliferation of African clawed frogs may be putting native species in peril. A study published last week in the journal PLOS ONE reveals that they carry a deadly fungus responsible for wiping out vast numbers of amphibians around the world.
May 15, 2013 | By Geoffrey Mohan
Frogs that were imported for pregnancy tests and set loose in California carry a deadly fungus responsible for wiping out vast numbers of amphibians worldwide, scientists have found. Populations of African clawed frogs (Xenopus laevis) have thrived for decades in the state's drainage ditches and ponds, but their link with the deadly Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis fungus was unverified until a research team from Stanford University and San Francisco State University recently tested museum samples for the fungus.
May 5, 2013 | By Jessica Chandler
My sisters and I spent the majority of our adolescence as foster kids in Los Angeles County. We entered the system after my parents divorced. My mom, who was both poor and mentally ill, wasn't equipped to be a single parent to six young children. No one told us about the bad odds we faced. Teenage girls living in foster care are 21/2 times more likely than other girls to become pregnant by age 19. Information about sexual development, reproductive health and pregnancy prevention is not readily available, in part because none of the many individuals who interact with youths in foster care has specific responsibility for providing such education.
April 24, 2013 | By Melissa Healy
Pregnant women who took the anti-seizure drug valproate during pregnancy increased the odds that their baby would have autism, and were roughly twice as likely to give birth to a child who would go on to be diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, according to a large study that captured 10 years of births in Denmark. Valproate, often known by its commercial name Depakote, is widely prescribed in the treatment of epilepsy and a wide range of psychiatric conditions. It is one of a class of drugs that has been linked to a child's delayed cognitive development and to some congenital malformations.
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