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July 1, 2004
AS chairwoman of the Windsor Square Assn.'s Preservation Committee, I can report that our group has been working for more than four years to develop a workable preservation plan for our historic neighborhood. The article "A New Crack in the Old Neighborhood" (June 24) does not mention our grass-roots effort to preserve what the Cultural Heritage Commission designated as one of the great residential treasures of Los Angeles. Our committee has engaged a completely open, public process that sought opposing views to craft a workable plan with the widest appeal.
May 14, 1989 | SAM HALL KAPLAN
The brooding Ennis-Brown House rising out of a cliff above Los Feliz is one of the more dramatic and important architectural landmarks in Los Angeles, the last and most ambitious of Frank Lloyd Wright's experimental mock Mesoamerican block structures. That its owner, the nonprofit Trust for Preservation of Cultural Heritage, has to consider stripping the singular structure of artwork to generate funds for desperately needed repairs is a sad commentary on the growing petrification of the preservation bureaucracy today.
January 20, 2005
Re " 'Open Space' Doesn't Always Mean Forever," Jan. 17: I remember 10 years ago being in a carwash lobby, waiting for my car, and seeing a photo of south Orange County taken almost 50 years ago. The amount of available land has been constantly shrinking and, with Montage resort setting its sights on the Aliso & Wood Canyons Wilderness Park for yet another golf course, one wonders when enough is enough? The county owes it to the citizens, and the citizens owe it to the environment, to leave this (and other parks)
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