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Presidential Elections 2008

August 5, 2008 | Peter Nicholas
Barack Obama celebrated his 47th birthday Monday night at -- where else? -- a campaign fundraiser, this one on the 33rd floor of a Boston tower with dramatic views of the harbor. Obama was treated to two choruses of "Happy Birthday," the first by Harry Connick Jr. and his 10-year-old daughter, Kate, and the second by the crowd of about 850 supporters, led by Benjamin Zander, conductor of the Boston Philharmonic. Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass) introduced his colleague from Illinois.
October 26, 2008 | Gale Holland, Holland is a Times staff writer.
The campus banquet room is reserved, the gelato ices are on tap and the students are hoping for red, white and blue balloons over the archway. But for the first time in years, the Republican club at Biola University, a conservative evangelical Christian college, doesn't know whether its election party will be a celebration or a wake. "It would be really great if McCain pulls it out, but if not, our party is going to be over by 8:15 p.m.
November 4, 2008 | DIANE PUCIN, Pucin is a Times staff writer.
"Monday Night Football" isn't the must-be-there national gathering place it might have been in Howard Cosell's heyday, but it's still a big deal. A big enough deal that on election eve, presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama appeared during halftime via prerecorded interviews, answering questions asked by ESPN mainstay Chris Berman and on Westwood One radio's pregame and halftime shows by veteran sportscaster Jim Gray.
March 19, 2007 | James Rainey, Times Staff Writer
Some of America's most prominent political journalists are, quite literally, wedded to the 2008 presidential race: Their spouses work for one of the candidates. Relationships that cross the media-political divide raise ethical questions for the journalists and their employers. Should the potential conflict of interest merely be disclosed to readers or viewers? Or should the journalists be shifted to new assignments to lessen the appearance their motives might be divided?
September 6, 2007 | Joe Mathews, Times Staff Writer
In the summer of 1959, everyone could see that Sarah Elizabeth Lindsey was going places. Beautiful and brainy, she had edited the yearbook, joined the science club and graduated near the top of her class. In the fall, she'd be off to college. Her boyfriend, Freddie Thompson, was another story. A year behind Lindsey in school, he was a 6-foot-5 stick of undeveloped potential, awkward and lacking in drive.
January 30, 2008 | Maria L. La Ganga, Times Staff Writer
The candidate was at a loss for words Tuesday, which in this campaign is a rare occurrence. Standing in a packed gym in wind-swept Midwest oil country, Barack Obama was trying to explain how he and the 72-year-old white woman in the audience, with her hair band and spangly blue cardigan, happen to be related.
February 25, 2008 | Mark Z. Barabak, Times Staff Writer
Chatter bounces off the bare walls and checkered linoleum floor as Josh Pedaline and other Barack Obama supporters burn through their call sheets. A map of Delaware County splays across a tabletop. Another table is laden with cookies, pretzels and other snacks. Volunteers sit elbow to elbow, pecking at cellphones and pitching the Illinois Democrat in advance of Ohio's March 4 primary. The scene is a typical campaign boiler room.
September 27, 2008 | Seema Mehta, Times Staff Writer
Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader lambasted the Democrats and Republicans on Friday as a "two-party dictatorship" that has squandered decades of power and allowed corporate greed to dictate American policy.
January 5, 2008 | Robin Fields and Chuck Neubauer, Times Staff Writers
Dismissing a claim that Norman Hsu's right to a speedy trial had been violated because California authorities didn't fully pursue him after he fled from justice 16 years ago, a San Mateo County judge on Friday sentenced the former Democratic fundraiser to three years in prison for fraud. Hsu faces a number of other legal troubles. Last month a federal grand jury in New York indicted Hsu, 56, on charges of operating a large new Ponzi scheme and making illegal campaign contributions to Sen.
May 7, 2008 | Peter Wallsten, Times Staff Writer
Tuesday's voting in Indiana and North Carolina put Hillary Rodham Clinton no closer to overtaking Barack Obama on the path to the Democratic presidential nomination. That now leaves Clinton with one overriding task: to make the path longer. For most of the year, June 3 beckoned as the end of an exhausting nominating calendar, the day that the final states hold primaries to choose between Clinton and Obama.
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