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Presidential Seal

June 20, 1999 | LESLIE LIMBO
Fashions in hats may come and go, but no piece of headgear says America like the cowboy hat. Now more than 50 of these symbols of the West, worn by reel and real-life cowboys alike, are on display at the Buffalo Bill Museum in Golden, Colo. Items from "A Century of Celebrity Cowboy Hats," running through Sept. 12, were gathered from around the country.
May 18, 1997 | Mary Melton
Aurelio Ramirez, storage manager for Castle Rock Entertainment, climbs over an immense rolled-up rug emblazoned with the presidential seal. "There's the big chandelier from the East Room," he nods, passing among faux marble busts, a presidential bathtub and vivid oil repros of Calvin Coolidge.
February 18, 2013 | By Paul Whitefield
Would you pay $570,000 for a bomber jacket? Probably not (though I'm willing to give NBA stars and the like an out here). But would you pay $570,000 for a bomber jacket, complete with presidential seal, once worn by John F. Kennedy aboard Air Force One? Ah, as Shakespeare would say, there's the rub. On Sunday, the jacket -- part of a trove of JFK memorabilia owned by the late David Powers, a longtime JFK aide and confidant -- brought more than 10 times its asking price at auction . That's nuts, you say?
On Inauguration Day 1993, Nelson Wurz, draper to the president, stood patiently at the West Gate of the White House, waiting for Bill Clinton to be sworn in. When the call came that the oath of office had been administered, the gates parted and Wurz rushed to the Oval Office. He had only a few hours to complete his mission: to hang the lush golden presidential draperies he had just completed, and to do it before the Clintons came "home."
March 21, 1996 | From a Times Staff Writer
A federal judge ruled Wednesday that President Clinton will be allowed to testify on videotape, rather than appear in person, at the criminal trial being prosecuted by Whitewater independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr. U.S. District Judge George Howard said that a personal appearance in his courtroom "would be unduly burdensome to the performance" of Clinton's official duties.
January 13, 1989 | United Press International
A $600,000 stretch Lincoln limousine was delivered to President Reagan on Thursday but will be used for the first time by President-elect George Bush on Inauguration Day, officials said. The 22-foot black armored presidential limousine was built from the ground up under Secret Service specifications during the past three years, said Jerald F. terHorst, Ford's director of national public affairs. Ross Roberts, vice president and general manager of the Lincoln-Mercury division of Ford Motor Co.
February 7, 1997
Former President Ronald Reagan has a bit of a sweet tooth, so a Redondo Beach Brownie troop gave him a bunch of Girl Scout cookies to help him celebrate his 86th birthday Thursday. Brownie Troop 313 delivered the cookies to Reagan's Century City office, where the girls bestowed birthday wishes on the former president and presented him with homemade birthday cards. The icing on the cake, so to speak, was the eight boxes of cookies, one of each flavor, that the girls gave Reagan.
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