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June 19, 2013 | By Randall Roberts, Los Angeles Times Pop Music Critic
Slim Whitman, a country pop singer whose forlorn wail influenced a generation of vocalists in the early 1950s, has died at age 90. Whitman, born in Tampa, Fla., was a regular on the influential country radio program "The Louisiana Hayride" starting in 1950, and first hit with an eerie country pop version of the song “Indian Love Call” in 1951. His death Wednesday at a Florida hospital was due to heart failure, said his son-in-law, Roy Beagle. Discovered by future Elvis Presley manager Col. Tom Parker while Whitman was touring the South, Whitman -- with Parker's guidance -- landed a record deal with RCA (the same label Presley would record for after leaving Sun Records)
October 10, 1987
State Sen. Robert Presley's (D-Riverside) disastrous child abuse bills SB 243 and SB 1219 will turn the clock back to the darkest days of children's services when children had to be abused severely enough--or as one official put it "bleeding in the streets"--in order to get help. In fact, the present Children's Services Department was born out of public outcry against "screening" out huge numbers of abused children for services to make the department look like it was doing its job. It's ironic that just as CDS is gaining momentum, getting the public to better report child abuse, Presley has reintroduced the very same barbarism of "screening."
June 23, 1995 | Robert Hiburn
Fabian was touted as the new Elvis in 1959, and he actually followed Presley onto the charts and into movies briefly. The music has more bite than you'd expect, given Fabian's lack of credibility in rock history. Still, the album is little more than a curio. * Albums are rated on a scale of one star (poor), two stars (fair), three stars (good) and four stars (e x cellent).
November 27, 2000 | MICHAEL JAMES MOORE, Michael James Moore teaches communication arts at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
Election 2000 is really about competing time capsules. Dueling soundtracks. Clashing screenplays. Dissimilar authors. Contradictory snapshots. As the first-ever boomer versus boomer Oval Office contest unfolds, the intergenerational schisms between the first wave of boomers--those born just after World War II--are personified by the Gore-Lieberman crowd (the GLCs) and the Bush-Cheney bunch (the BCBs). These two civilian armies--these two Americas--were always divided.
August 11, 2000 | STEVE CHAWKINS
Millions will be thinking of the presidency next week, but Darwin Lamm will be thinking of the King. As usual, his opinions will be sought by far-flung news outlets. Talk-show hosts will ask him: Just how do you feel--how does the nation feel--on the 23rd anniversary of Elvis' death?
Escalating the weaponry in the builders' battle for home buyers, Presley of Southern California on Wednesday launched a five-year warranty plan covering all of its new houses. The firm, the largest of the Presley Cos.' five home-building divisions, said it also will provide all home buyers with a mortgage payment insurance plan--something several other Orange County builders recently began offering. The five-year warranty, however, appears to be rare. Bob Albertson Jr.
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