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Price Hike

July 29, 2002 | From Associated Press
After a flat summer, gasoline prices edged up nearly 2 cents a gallon in the last two weeks, an industry analyst said Sunday. "The low and very, very stable prices throughout the summer did have to end some time," Trilby Lundberg said. "What we have is a closer balance between supply and demand and continued crude oil price strengths." Despite increased summer driving, supplies remained plentiful, Lundberg said.
November 8, 1988 | Associated Press
The world's largest newsprint maker, pressured by weak demand and resistance from American newspapers, said Monday that it would drastically reduce and delay its latest announced price hike. Abitibi-Price Inc. of Toronto has told its customers that it decided to increase prices for newspaper customers by $30 to $680 a metric ton effective Feb. 1 instead of the previously announced $695 a metric ton. But analysts said that unless two smaller U.S.
September 10, 2008
Imagine a straight line on a graph. Another line is curving toward it. It gets closer and closer; it will, unto infinity, always get closer, until you can't see the space between them, but it will never touch the straight line. In the world of pre-calculus classes, the straight line is called a linear asymptote. In the world of retail, it's called a dollar, and the curve that draws ever closer is the 99 Cents Only Stores’ new pricing strategy. The chain has become a reliable outlet of unmoving and unvarying prices at a time when the cost of energy has raised the price of just about everything.
After more than a year of admission discounts, Disneyland said it plans to raise prices by up to 4.5% today, hoping to capitalize on the success of its new "Fantasmic!" special effects show. The price hike had been rumored for weeks, but the move is expected to catch competitors off guard because it comes amid predictions that Southland tourism will be hurt this summer because of the April riots in Los Angeles. The price of a Disneyland adult admission is now $28.75, up from $27.50.
The Happiest Place on Earth ensured Thursday that it will remain one of the priciest amusement parks on the planet, with a $2 price hike that boosts the standard adult admission at Disneyland to $36 effective today. The park's standard admission for children will remain $26. Separately, Knott's Berry Farm also said it will raise prices Wednesday to $31 for adults and $23.95 for children. That last figure is a $4 hike from Knott's current kids' price of $19.95.
June 27, 2001 | From Reuters
EarthLink Inc. said Tuesday it is raising the monthly price of its basic, unlimited dial-up service $2 to $21.95, a month after rival America Online Inc. increased its rates. The price increase, the first in EarthLink's history, came earlier than expected and bodes well for the company's financial performance, Goldman Sachs analyst Anthony Noto said in a research note. EarthLink rose $1.56, or 13%, to $13.83 on Nasdaq.
September 27, 1987 | Leonard Klady
When Cineplex-Odeon reopened the Carnegie Cinema in NYC, they provided Gotham moviegoers with both a refurbished state-of-the-art theater and a higher admission price--$7. So, Outtakes wondered how soon it would be before L.A. film patrons would be digging deeper into their pockets. "Technically, we haven't changed our prices in years and don't plan to," we were told by Greg Rutkowski, AMC veep. "Our top price here is $5.75 but most of our theaters are still at $5.50."
May 12, 1998 | From Associated Press
Philip Morris Cos. and R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. on Monday raised wholesale prices on their cigarettes by 5 cents a pack, effective immediately. The increase is the fourth in 14 months for the nation's two largest cigarette makers. On Friday, the tobacco industry agreed to pay more than $6 billion over 25 years to settle a lawsuit by the state of Minnesota and an insurance company over health-care costs associated with smoking.
July 6, 1990 | JOHN PENNER
The cost of retrieving an illegally parked car after it has been towed away is going up, the second price hike in less than three years. The City Council this week allowed the company that tows cars for the city to increase its prices, effective by the end of this month. The regular charge for releasing a car towed from city streets or alleys will jump from $60 to $70.
February 3, 2013
You can help a child at the same time you book a hotel stay - without an added price hike. Name: What it does: Rooomr is a hotel booking site that also seeks to improve the lives of homeless youth by donating 5% of its gross income to Re-Generation USA, a philanthropic endeavor of Virgin Mobile USA, at the same time it delivers hip hotels to style and culture-conscious travelers. What's hot: I expected to pay more for a hotel room because Rooomr was donating to a cause, but not so. When I tested hotel rooms for a weekend getaway in Santa Barbara, Charleston, S.C., and New York City, the cost of the room was the same on Rooomr as it was on Expedia.
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