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January 21, 1998
Mackey is right ("Seinfeld: Consumed," Jan. 7)! Who would have thought that the truth was so close to the heart; it was about food. Thanks for printing Matthew Jaffe's article. ARIEL DURANT Long Beach
April 22, 2000 | ANDREA ORR, REUTERS
Remember the paperless office? No one talks about it much anymore, maybe because they are too busy printing out e-mails, articles from online newspapers, and all the other written material they now have access to, thanks to the wonders of technology. But on the 30th anniversary of Earth Day today, environmentalists say a society that has so readily embraced technology should remember one of the promised benefits that the Internet has failed to deliver.
June 14, 1989
As the owner of six PIP Printing Centers in Southern California for the past 20 years, I was dismayed to read "PIP Faces Challenge of Making Buyout Pay" (Business, May 23). The comments made by two disgruntled PIP owners in no way represent the mainstream of PIP Printing owner opinion. As a result, the article paints a biased and distorted picture of one of the Southland's most successful franchise operations. The reporter's claim that a "large number of PIP franchisees are restless" is inaccurate.
November 9, 1989 | From Associated Press
Maxwell Graphics Inc. says it will be acquired for $500 million in cash anad securities by Quebecor Inc. of Montreal, a printing, publishing and forest products company. Maxwell Graphics, a division of Maxwell Communications Corp., which bought the St. Paul-based Webb Companies in 1986, has three printing plants in Minnesota and prints the Sunday newspaper supplement Parade, as well as Time, Sports Illustrated and TV Guide magazines. It moved its U.S. headquarters to St. Paul earlier this year.
January 31, 2004
The top three sports figures for the 2003 Hall of Shame: 1. Kobe Bryant. 2. Keyshawn Johnson. 3. Pete Rose. Dishonorable mention: 1. The BCS. 2. Times sports department (again), for not printing this. Lawrence M. Kates Los Angeles
December 9, 1990
I was startled, and very pleased, to see a poem by Henri Collette ("The Black Angel," Oct. 21) in the space I read every Sunday. Bless you for printing a contemporary poet--even though he is no longer with us--before the 100 years that usually pass before such attention. VIRGINIA BRAMER ALTADENA
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